Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been nominated for Oscars, don’t believe? Then read this report to know in which category he is nominated

Oscars, the oldest worldwide entertainment awards are given to recognize excellence in achievements is now going to grace the crown of prince of Congress dynasty Mr Rahul Gandhi. How blessed Rahul Gandhi is, He is getting Oscars!!!. Do you know for his which achievement he is going to be graced by this prestigious award? Do you know for which category he is nominated?

To honour him this Oscar award has been proposed by the BJP unit of  Karnataka. Yes, that’s right, BJP Karnataka has proposed an Oscar award for Congress President Rahul Gandhi. The category they chose for his nomination was ‘hypocrisy’.

Apparently, the BJP hit out at the Siddaramaiah government and Rahul Gandhi after the Lingayats were granted a separate religion status in Karnataka. The Karnataka BJP tweeted, “If there is an Oscar for the hypocrisy it must go to @RahulGandhi. He waxed eloquent yesterday on unity, love & fraternity between all.”

Rahul Gandhi who waxed eloquently on unity, love & fraternity between all, he and his party is the biggest culprit of breaking unity and fraternity and dividing the nation. For their personal motives and strengthening vote base Congress is dividing the people of the country on the basis of caste, creed, colour, ethnicity, language, and socio-economically as well. Divide and rule policy is in the blood of Congress. Congress have always promoted Sectarian politics. India always believed in unity and received other religions with great respect. But how can this Italian family understand this?

British National Congress mastered the art of Divide and Rule inherited from founding father AO Hume and Managing Director Lord Mountbatten. This is the reality which is happening since Independence by dynasty but nobody gives a damn to it. Hindu Civil Code not Uniform Civil Code By Nehru, Sikh genocide by Indira, Reservation System based on Caste lines again by Congress, Christianity Expansion and Jihadism by Sonia Gandhi, Hindu Terror again by Sonia Gandhi and now separate religion status for Lingayats and those Veerashaivas but still BJP is communal.

After showing so many examples, now Sonia Gandhi have just commanded her troops to recommended separate religion status for Lingayats and those Veerashaivas who follow Basavanna’s teachings. This move is basically taken by Congress to appease them ahead of the Karnataka polls as 17% of the population is made up of Lingayat/Veerashaiva communities.

For the Congress, 5 is bigger than 17. The Brahmin population is 5% and the Lingayat population is 17%. But the Janeudhari Rahul baba and his party thinks that 17% should be given Minority status. They know very well that the 5% will not fall for their dirty vote bank politics. This is the Congress party’s desperation showing up.

Unfortunately for Congress, they touched the community who are believers of Shiva. Lingayats will show all caste and community across Bharat that – You are Bharatiya first, You are Hindu then You are Community after that. No matter what the Caste or Community or religion is – You are Hindu First. This action of Brothel Born Congress also gives the opportunity to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to quash all legal procedure of Minority status so that further nobody can take advantage of that.

Well on a lighter note !!! Karnataka BJP has perfectly chosen the category for Mr Gandhi. He perfectly deserves the award of hyprocritic person. He is a person who pretends to be a certain way, but really acts and believes the total opposite. He is always caught engaging in behavior that goes against his professed beliefs. Congrats Mr Rahul Gandhi and family for the award!!!

Source: Republic TV