Congress President Rahul Gandhi has scored a massive self goal in a hurry to attack PM Modi! Check how he fell into his own trap

The President of Congress has tweeted clearly showing intent of him in diverting youth from development and progressive agenda towards this kind of suicidal agenda for which the entire Grand Old Party and the leader Rahul Gandhi are responsible.

Instead of blaming the opposition, you should take accountability and deliver the promises made to the common people of India. Shouldn’t you? Having a title of Grand Old Party itself is not sufficient!!Rahul Gandhi is uneducated to think, any project requires time to come up. But his forefathers have not given good health facilities to people, and that’s the reason why his mother goes to USA for treatment.

The PM promised Rourkela a multi-speciality hospital three years ago. Now, Muktikant Biswal has walked 1,300 Km to Delhi because the PM hasn’t kept his promise & people are dying. I assure Mr Biswal: the people of India & the Congress party will keep the PM’s promise for him.

So Rahul Gandhi you agree that you could not even set up a hospital in Rourkela in the past 60 years of congress rule. Don’t you?? Shame on you to blame PM Modi for anything and everything that happens in India!!!

The Congress President is always unaware of anything other than ensuring that he talks about his Great Inventions and Lectures about Shikanji and Potatoes. He thinks India is only four years old and all the issues are because of BJP. He should realize that his party ruled for 60 years and failed to provide the said facility which he expects the PM to do it in just 4 years!!!

To fool the poor and loot them as has been the culture of INC for decades. It has never done any good during UPA rule of 10 years and has not seen any good done during Congress rule by his ancestors. So, it’s obvious he has a different definition of Development.

Muktikanta Biswal’s long walk of 1350 KM for a hospital in Rourkela is nothing but a reflection of years of bad governance by INC India. Rahul Gandhi is blissfully unaware of the fact that work has already started for the establishment of the super specialty hospital in Rourkela.

Only 1 AIIMS was established during 50 years of Congress. Crores of Indians deprived of even basics for 65 years because of corrupt Congress rule. Congress illegally siphoned off all the money that could have been spent on basic infrastructure, health, education and the uplift of the needy.

It is indeed weird that everyone expects PM Modi to do everything within 4 years of his rule. Let me remind you after taking oath as PM the government is busy for 6 month to just reviewed previous projects which is incomplete. 4 years’ time span is too little to be compared with your past 60 years!!

And how can he hold responsible someone for not doing something in just last four years? When his ancestors caught napping for 70 years?? Yes, Congress built every thing in India as it was the ruling party for almost 60 years but that doesn’t make Congress eligible for looting the country.