Congress President Rahul Gandhi himself falls in the well he tried to dig for PM Modi!!Can Rahul Gandhi justify why Congress has deleted its official app?

Congress  President Rahul Gandhi has a really very bad luck. I pity him because whenever he tries to dig well for Narendra Modi and his government, he himself falls in it. I don’t understand what pride he feels in making fun of himself in front of the whole world. When he knows he don’t have basic knowledge for anything then also he started blazing guns on PM Modi and BJP government. He even don’t care to get any knowledge before hand.

The net he tried to spread for PM Modi by defaming Namo App, he and his government has got entangled in the same net. It has come to the forefront that when a person applies for membership in Congress official app his personal details are under threat.

The data that is collected by the app is encoded by an unsecured protocol HTTP, not by secured protocol HTTPS (secured) and therefore it is really easier to decode the personal data.

It is also revealed that IP (internet protocol) address of membership.inc.in is located in Singapore which implies that the data of member is being shared in Singapore.

So not Namo app but Congress official app was sharing the personal data with undisclosed vendors, unknown volunteers, even ‘groups with similar causes’.

Congress social head Ramya tried to handle this situation but unfortunately like her president was not able too. She tried to justify that Congress doesn’t carry it’s membership drive through an app. It is conducted through our website.

On which she was slammed by the user who claimed that membership drive was being done through an app and this is a blatant lie.

As usual, when the Congress was not able to justify its moves, it took the same move which it is only capable of. Congress deleted its own official app as it got worried that their corruption scandal and data theft of members will come into limelight.

Can Rahul Gandhi answer now why Congress has deleted its official app? Who is responsible for this breach of user data? So is Congress sharing user data with Maoists, stone pelters, Bharat Ke Tukde Gang, Chinese embassy and globally ‘renowned’ organizations like Cambridge Analytica. So who is actually doing the breach of data?

Congress and its chief are having zero knowledge of technology that is clearly being shown by their actions. They even don’t know that on Namo app users can also sign in guest mode without even any permission or data.

The NaMo app is designed to ensure that users do not have access to any data other than their own.  Data entered by any user is used for analytics using third-party service, similar to Google Analytics. The data in no way is stored or used by the third party services.

All the allegations on Namo app are false and BJP has issued a befitting reply to Congress by issuing a statement that indicates how user data is secured by Namo app.

Anyway, we like to thank Congress president Rahul Gandhi for making Namo app so popular. Because of him instead of decreasing, users of Namo app have increased. BJP can never forget Rahul Gandhi’s contribution to the party success.

Statement by BJP explaining contours of NaMo app

The statement revealed by BJP majorly explains the contours of the NaMo app and progresses to firefight the accusations of poor security features or the deliberate data transfer to third party/parties.

Part of the statement reads:

Narendra Modi App is a unique App, which unlike most Apps, gives access to users in guest mode without even any permission or data. The permissions required are all contextual and cause-specific. For example, a selfie campaign requires access to the camera and/or photo gallery. Contact access is required to connect with friends or fellow party workers on the New India connect module. If a person has entered his email address and date of birth, he receives a personalised birthday greeting from the PM. Each function asks for the specific permission when access is required. The app does not ask for blanket permissions when the app is started.

The data exposed by the French Twitter user is the data entered by the user on his own device. This is not a security breach. The person does not have access to any data apart from his own data.

Data is being used for analytics using third party service, similar to Google Analytics. The data in no way is stored or used by the third party services. Analytics and processing on the user data is done for offering users the most contextual content. This ensures that a user gets the best possible experience by show content in his/her own language. It also enables a unique, personalized experience according to a persons interests. For example, a person who looks up content related to agriculture will get agriculture-related content prominently. A person from Tamil Nadu will get notifications in Tamil and get an update when the PM is in Tamil Nadu.