Congress President Rahul Gandhi insults PM Modi’s fitness challenge, but gets ripped apart!

“The Congress respects the position held by the Prime Minister of India and by using the wrong words, nobody from the party can speak against him”. This was the words of Congress President Rahul Gandhi when the senior party leader Mani Shankar Aiyar disrespected Prime Minister Modi by using abusive words against him. Even he is beating this drum of respect from the last two days also by saying that we respect Atal ji and attacking PM Modi on his respect towards his Guru L.K Advani.

But Do Congress President really respect the Prime Minister? Does he know what respect is? A big No!!! There is a huge gap in his sayings and doings. He and his party leaders has always disrespected Prime Minister. And for that we even don’t have to go back too far. Yesterday only, he disrespected Prime Minister at his Iftar party by mocking his Fitness Challenge video and calling it bizarre.

Rahul Gandhi along with other party leaders was talking about the forward and backward movements which is reference to PM Modi fitness video. Somoeone presumably on Rahul Gandhi’s table says, “Forward, backward.” Then a voice seeming to be that of Sitharam Yechury seems to say, “There’s also ambience in the backward.” Rahul then smiles and almost chuckles.  A voice seeming to be that of Dinesh Trivedi then seems to say, “The economy is going backward.” Then again Yechury says, “And their leader is taking India backward.”And after that Rahul Gandhi says, “But it is bizzarre.”

For his stupid remarks the Congress President has been badly slammed by the Netizens and also by Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. Naqvi said “Rahul ji, cracking joke on joke, he has become a mega-joke himself. He is one of the biggest joke being cracked in the country at this time.

Naqvi added that making fun of issues that had an importance to the nation had become a habit of Congress president.”He has a habit of making fun of these things. He made fun of surgical strikes and terrorists being eliminated. He made fun of the economy and development. He made fun of the constitution and democracy. Making these jokes, he has become a joke himself”.

He also illustrated what the Congress president was doing with a parable, He said “There’s an old saying about sitting on a branch and cutting it down with an axe”. The Congress President is sitting on the party branch with an axe and is hitting it badly

On his mocking PM Modi’s fitness video , which promotes a healthy and fit India, Naqvi said “He has to go abroad for fitness. The country’s fitness, the country’s yoga… he doesn’t like these swadeshi things. That’s why he keeps going abroad for fitness things every few months. He won’t understand the country’s fitness methods.”

The Congress President has not only mocked Prime Minister Narendra Modi but also disrespected the culture of India by mocking PM Modi fitness video. The form of exercise which PM Modi has shown in the video are traditional and represents Indian culture. He has also openly mocked Fit India initiative. How can the person who can’t respect the Indian culture dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India?

Source : Republic World 

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