Congress ran a campaign on twitter to block PM Modi; But look how it got backfired!!!

Congress party never miss an opportunity to defame PM Modi. The murder of senior journalist Gauri Lankesh took place in a Congress ruled state but the blame was put up on PM Modi. None of the pseudo seculars and liberals asked for CM Siddaramayya’s resignation. This exposes the hypocrisy of these people.

Why are these blocking PM Modi on twitter?

Karnataka police are probing naxal angle into this murder of Gauri Lankesh as she received threat calls and emails from naxalites; this was revealed by her brother Indrajit Lankesh. But as usual Congress had to find a reason to blame PM Modi.

PM Modi has 33.3 million followers and he follows few tweeter handles too. One of the account followed by PM Modi had allegedly spread hate message on the death of Gauri Lankesh. This was enough to the Congress and other pseudo seculars to target and boycott PM Modi.

Soon a trend was started saying #BlockNarendraModi which had only one purpose and that was to block PM Modi. Not only blocking PM Modi but these haters started to abuse Modi and right wing organisations. Few others took it as an opportunity to blame Hinduism too.

They wanted to block PM Modi but users blocked Rahul Gandhi!!!

No one understood how and why PM Modi is responsible for the death of Gauri Lankesh or hate speeches on the social media. But Congress royally kick started the campaign. Have a look at few of their tweets.

But gradually this campaign changed its course as the people started to block Rahul Gandhi. Not only users blocked Rahul Gandhi but pointed out how immature is Rahul Gandhi in politics.

This tweeter user smartly trolled the Congress by giving a pinch of its own medicine.

Nishika Ram