Does Congress really want to give away Kashmir to Pakistan, Check what they described Kashmir as!

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Yes! This sentence came true in the case of Pakistan. It always wanted Kashmir to be taken away from India. So finally Indian National Congress decided to make it possible (In dreams). As we know Congress’ body lies in India but heart in Pakistan. When there was regular terror attacks on India, it wanted to have peace talks with Pak. When PM Modi held peace talk, it said why peace talks and why not attack Pakistan?

And when Pak was attacked, they asked where is the proof? Altogether Congress don’t know what’s happening within itself. It’s in a state of trauma after Modi came to power.

Congress never showed any interest in fulfilling citizens desires when it was in the  power. Now when Modi is fulfilling it, Congress is getting insecure of its political career in India.

So they decided to make a booklet on Modi governments failures (like a fictitious novel). But they forgot that Indians are not fools anymore. Congress thought they can make any statements and get away with it.

This time Congress tried to appease Pakistan and the separatists by mentioning “Indian Occupied Kashmir”. As Congress is weakening, it wanted the support of Pak and separatists. When India becomes “Congress Mukht Bharat“. probably  Pakistan would be the place for Congress to contest elections.

The booklet released by Uttar Pradesh unit of the Congress in Lucknow on the occasion of the third anniversary of the BJP-led government at the centre, attacked the Modi govt baselessly. It was so baseless that it said Kashmir is not a part of India.

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “It is not only regrettable but shocking that a senior Congress leader like Azad is projecting a map of Kashmir where it is described as Indian occupied Kashmir. Is Congress speaking the language of Pakistan?”

“A Parliament resolution says even Pak-occupied Kashmir is part of India. By projecting Kashmir as Indian occupied Kashmir the Congress party has not only made separatists happy but also gladdened the heart of its patrons across the border. It is condemnable,” he further added.

Rajat Bhandary