Congress has released a list of 52 Lynching highlighting only attacks on Muslims; But ignores Jawans and Hindus

A century old party never miss an opportunity to insult Hindus and Indians. This is what happens when your roots are not from India. Yes, it is the Indian National Congress. The inventor of “Intolerance in India” is all set to invent another term called “Lynchistan”. Now Hindustan which welcomed every religion of the world has become “Lynchistan” to these “pseudo seculars”.

Congress has moved a step ahead of making Hindustan as Lynchistan and released a list of 52 victims of lynching under the Modi government. Tragedy is that, killing due to personal grudge is projected as hate crime by Modi followers. Another thing that is to be noted is that any violence that happens in India is projected as violence which is backed by PM Modi.

Dynamic Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has time to go on foreign trips and his party leaders has got time to create a exaggerated list of lynching. But why don’t they include the death if soldiers in this list?

Yes, critically think over the above sentence. Even our soldiers are Indians but Congress didn’t consider condemning the martyrdom of soldiers. This is because Congress indirectly supports the killing of Indian soldiers.

There are several strong evidences to support this. Congress leaders never condemned the statement given against Army Chief by Sandeep Dixit. Congress never praised Army for conducting the surgical strikes but suspected it and reduced its morale.

Why didn’t Congress prepare this list when Hindus were killed?

Killing should be condemned without any hesitation no matter if the victim is from any faith. But, in India the life of Hindus don’t have any values. This is proved by Congress because in Karnataka 12 Hindus were lynched in last one year.  Prashanth Poojary was killed in front of his father and the reason for the killing was that he was a nightmare for the cow smugglers. Did Congress include Prashanth Poojary in its list? No, because he was a Hindu and the murderers were the voters of Congress.

There is no need to mention about the condition of RSS workers in Kerala. After Pinarayi Vijayan has come to power, 18 murders had taken place but the Congress forgot to prepare a list.

86 brave men sacrificed their life for India, but Congress forgot prepare their list:

Indian Army has taken aggressive steps against the terrorists but sadly 86 brave men from Indian Army sacrificed their life so that we can leave in peace. But Congress not only insults the Army but also forgot to prepare the list of soldiers who lost their life.

Due to Congress, Hindu community is insulted in global media:

Yes, many global media which were waiting to target Hindus got a feast after a long wait. Once they made an optimum utilisation of “Intolerance movement” and now on Lynching.

BBC, Washington Post, Huffington post all are pouncing upon India and the reason is Congress and pseudo seculars.


Every Indian has the utmost respect to the Indian Army for the sacrifices they make for our happy living. We believe that our life is a gift of god, so it won’t be wrong if we equate Indian Armed forced to god because they take the bullet on their chest which was fired to kill the Indians. But Congress has carved that it will soon become extinct from India by suspecting, insulting Indian Army and joining hands with India’s enemies.

Jai Jawan

Nishika Ram