Congress says “ONLY” 9 Hindu deaths in Karnataka not 23…Are you serious Mr Siddaramaiah?!

In a very insensible and bizarre argument, Congress said that there were ONLY 9 Hindu deaths in Karnataka due to communal tensions. It is indeed shocking that Congress made such statement while the heat of communal clash is still alive in many parts of Karnataka.

The Congress released a documents naming all the Hindu activists attacked and murdered by radical group PFI and said all the other murders were either suicide or death due to illness. While the entire Karnataka and especially activists from BJP and RSS/VHP are facing severe threats to life, Congress has tried to downplay the entire issue by implying the deaths of Hindu activists was not a big deal.

Addressing press persons at the party office here on Wednesday, Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy said of the 23 listed by the BJP, 13 were not killed in communal incidents. Among the list, Ashok Poojary is still alive. Only nine deaths were caused owing to communal reasons; the rest were caused by personal enmity, accident or suicide, he said.

Now take a look at the baseless reason given by Congress for all deaths!

According to this report they say 10 people in the list died due to personal enmity or suicide. But this is nothing but a pure lie and the family members of the deceased have confirmed that their sons did not have any personal enmity with anyone nor did they have any problem in life to commit suicide.

2. Vamana Poojary: The Congress which claims that he committed suicide. But just a few days after Prashanth Poojary was murdered by PFI activists, the police has asked for eyewitness to testify their statements. Vamana Poojary who was a coconut vendor next to Prashanth Poojary’s shop was the only eyewitness to the case. But just a few days after he testified his statements he was found dead…COINCIDENCE????

The Congress says Raju Kannadababe was a chronic alcoholic and that lead to his death. But in reality, he was attending a protest march against the Tipu Jayanthi celebrations in Madikeri. Kuttappa was killed in the same violence after he was attacked by a group of people with stones. Same time Raju and Harish Bantwal were also severely injured and shifted to hospital where their breadth their last due to severe injuries and not because of alcohol abuse.

Yogesh Gowda was another person who is said to have been killed by radical elements was again a member of BJP ZP. He was vocal against many radical elements in his home town Dharwad. But he was killed in 2016. The person who is been named as culprit by Congress is the same person who gave police complaint and demanded for NIA investigation.

Karthik Raj was again a very close friend of Prashanth Poojary and an activist in Prasath Poojary’s Gouraksha Dal. He was brutally attacked and killed in 2016 by a group of people and it was not due to any personal enmity.

Magali Ravi was an RSS worker, he was killed on same day when he attended a meeting opposing the Tipu Jayanthi in Mysore. But Congress claims he was killed in accident, but the police have arrested few people in connection with the murder. How did Congress declare it was an accident???

Just take a look at the entire list Congress has produced, they have claimed nearly 10 people among 23 had personal enmity and hence were killed. But until now not one case has been solved. If the Congress was so sure about the murderers, then why are the case still pending in investigation? This is nothing but an eye wash by the government to suppress the case during election time and shift the blame on BJP. Moreover, the Congress has conveniently skipped the names of Paresh Mesta and Deepak Rao who were killed in most brutal way 2 months back. Who will answer for their murders?

Siddaramaiah government should realise that people are no fools to believe the claims of government and most of the reports submitted by NIA points towards PFI who have played critical roles in most of the murders. So it is better the state government stops making such casual claims to save themselves.

Aishwarya S



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