Exclusive!! Congress social media head admits that the party involves in psychoanalysis! Admits of Tricking Indians to achieve political vendetta?

To be frank, I really do feel sorry for Congress media head Ramya aka Divya Spandana. She is contributing to the mission named “Congress Mukth Bharath” as everyone knows. Her stupidities and such idiotic moves as a Congress media head are really fantabulous! Because, every time she digs for the Prime Minister, it is evident that someone from Congress party will only slip into it. Oh yeah! most of the time our prince Rahul Gandhi makes sure how deep she dug! Such wonderful partners!

Denying the allegations of Cambridge analytica links with the party, the same congress media head has now again fell into a trap by admitting that she will use such kinda tricks to attain political vendetta.

Yes, in a recent interview with Burkha Dutt over the same controversy, Ramya had claimed that the party does not believe in any kind of mind games like Psychoanalysis. But, she had admitted soon that its a method to influence people using social media. As a proof of her sincere confession, the video which exposes Ramya is getting viral on twitter now!

Lies of @INCIndia & it’s SM head @divyaspandana EXposed. She denies using Psychoanalysis 4 SM in interview w @BDUTT on a #CambridgeAnalytica Ques  Elsewhere she confirms how Psychoanalysis is used by INC on SM to control people’s mind & get them to see what they want them to see.

It’s unfortunate that in her recent interview with Burkha Dutt, Ramya had said that the Cambridge analytica may have tried to approach the party for confidential services. When Burkha asked, “The DID of Cambridge Analytica said that they worked in India for the Congress party and your party denied its contact and how do you justify?”

Ramya said that, they would never build a contact in the past and they don’t intend to engage with them in the future. It could be that Cambridge would have met the party members or could have sent proposals to the Congress for elections, but they were not ready to accept the proposal and they said NO.

Is this her tactics ? First of all, Cambridge Analytica DID had showed the proofs that they have met congress people and the party was their client. But, this dumb head is saying that they would never accept the proposal. How could this be possible? Is it something like Ramya did not know about the link or Rahul Gandhi had not revealed?

Adding to it, when Burkha asked,” Why would the Congress party turn this firm down?’. Ramya replied :

“We believe in an honest way of doing things. We don’t believe in manipulation or rigging of elections, psychoanalysis and I think ideologically and also looking at their track record of what they did with Brexit and Trump’s election, I don’t think we are somebody who wants to work with a company like that.”

Exclusive: Congress @divyaspandana confirms Cambridge Analytica DID approach them; there were emails & a proposal for 2019 elections but says party turned them down. “They were client- hunting like agencies do. We said No”. Preview of my interview with @themojo_in & @TheWeekLive

Well, we Indians may agree that Congress never ever cheated its believers and nation. But, what about the proofs which are given by the famous agency Cambridge Analytica? When the link between the agency and the party has been revealed and turned into an international controversy, how could Cambridge lie about it? Moreover, how could the Congress party deny though every proof is confirming the link between them?

Watch here! the Congress media head had admitted that social media interaction involves a lot of science while having an interactive session with students at Commits College event.

When a lady asked, “Before you create a meme or anything you put out on social media, what is the kind of research that goes into it? How do you choose the topic and how do you choose the outcome?

Ramya said that there is a science behind every meme, every graphic, every video that they make. The big difference between Congress and BJP is that, while the BJP doesn’t bother to get their facts right, they only peddle lies, they don’t really care so much about the truth, right because it is all propaganda. The Congress, the big difference is, they believe in backing up everything we say with data, statistics and figures.

A lot of research will be made. Specifically which photograph, which angle, there is research done into what image people are more likely to pay attention to, the size of the font, the colours that they use, the words they use. There is a lot of it that goes for every single graphics and meme that they make. There is science behind it. Because social media is all about perception. It’s all about image building. It is all about one person looking at it and how you communicate. And in a specific condition, how you take control of the other person’s mind and get them to see what you want them to see. That is what it is.

She said that she wants us to see the truth, but the BJP probably wants us to see other things. But social media is all about controlling the other person mind. There are psycho-analysis social media.

Yes! you heard it right! When Burkha asked about it, Ramya said she doesn’t believe in any type of psychoanalysis. And, on the other hand, she claimed that it is a part of her social media strategies?! What is she exactly trying to say? Or is she trying to fool us?  Or is she just imposing some gimmicks to gain popularity? Her god Mr.Gandhi alone knows!

Source: Opindia