Congress social media head Ramya insulted Veer Savarkar, Atal Ji, PM Modi!!! But what happened later will push Ramya into eternal coma

As days pass, the social media head of Congress is proving that she is filled with hate and venom against the great leader of India. This was rightly expressed by her in a tweet that was posted hours ago.

In a tweet titled ‘Let’s make India ‘India’ again!’, she created an imaginary group filled with lies.

Have a look at her nonsense tweet!!!

Hegdewar created group RSS! Hegdewar added Savarkar! Savarkar is admin! Savarkar added Hindutva! Savarkar removed Equality! Savarkar removed Satyagraha! Savarkar removed Tri-colour! Savarkar removed India’s Freedom Struggle! Savarkar removed Gandhiji! Savarkar removed Patriotism! Savarkar added Traitor! Savarkar vision of India ‘Hindu Rashtra’! RSS added BJP! BJP added Advani! Advani is now admin! Advani added Rath Yatra! Advani added Riots! Advani added Bomb Blasts! Advani removed Babri Masjid! Advani removed Secularism! RSS added Vajpayee! Vajpayee added India Shining! BJP removed Vajpayee! RSS added Modi! Modi is now admin! Modi added Amit Shah! Modi added Riots! Modi added Lynching! Modi added Propaganda! Modi added trolls! Modi added Paid Media! Modi added Attacks on Dalits! Modi added False Promises! Modi added Corruption! Modi added Killing of Rationalists! Modi added Divisiveness! Modi added Communism! Modi added Yogi Adityanath! Modi added Lies! Modi added Fear! Modi added Hate! Modi removed Development! Modi removed Rationality! Modi removed Discussion! Modi removed Pluralism! Modi removed Reasoning! Modi removed Privacy! Modi removed Constitution! Modi removed Democracy! Modi removed Idea of India! 2019: Modi removed as admin! India is India again!


Ramya said that ‘Savarkar removed Patriotism’ but every Indians know that it was she who had praised Pakistan and compared India to hell. She said Savarkar removed India’s Freedom Struggle, but it was Veer Savarkar who sparked the fire in every Indian to chase the British in every Indian. She said ‘Advani added Riot’ but it was under Congress rule, highest number of riots took place in India. She said ‘Advani added Bomb Blasts’ but it was Congress government that had spared Pakistani terrorists and fixed patriot Lt Cl Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya in bomb blast case.

Ramya said ‘Modi added Riots’ but even the Supreme Court has given clean chit to PM Modi; this means that Ramya is lying. She said ‘Modi added Paid Media’ but every Indian knows that Congress has a history of using media to spread lies.

She said ‘Modi added Lies’ but it apparent that Rahul Gandhi is a master in spreading lies. She said ‘Modi added Corruption’ and I would not like to reply to this statement. The below tweets perfectly counters her lie!

She said ‘2019: Modi removed as admin’ but the man below seems like a fortune teller! Read the tweet

Finally, this exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies tweeted by the Congress leader was bashed by the public royally.

Ramya said ‘Modi removed Democracy’ but the below tweet explains how the Congress leader followed every bit of democracy

The gentleman in the below tweet warned Ramya to respect the nations Prime Ministers!

Ananya Sharma