Congress Social Media head Ramya spreads fake news on PM Modi’s educational qualification but gets ripped apart by the Indians!

The Congress social media head has been caught once again spreading fake news about the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi. During the Karnataka elections she was slammed for making the POT remark at Prime Minister Modi, and now she has blatantly spread lies about the educational qualifications of PM Modi.

In a recent tweet of Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana, she had tweeted a video that claimed “PM Modi himself confessed that he studies only upto high school and not a graduate”.

Divya Spandana had captioned the video “With great difficulty I had found this video and its of an interview of 1998 where the boss (PM Modi) himself revealed that he studies only till high school. But now the boss (PM Modi) has graduation degree with that he got in 1979”.

In the video shared by Ramya, Prime Minister Modi is seen saying “I am not much educated but to Lord’s blessing on me, I’ve got opportunities to learn and know many new things”. When the anchor Rajeev Shukla asked “How much have you studied?”, Modi ji replies “I left house when I was 17 years old; after school education I left my house. I have studied only till high school”.

Did PM Modi really claim that he studied only till high school?


In reality, the video was edited by the Congress social media head Ramya to miss guide the people. When more research was done on the video, it was found out that PM Modi never claimed that he studied only till high school.

When we found the original video (unedited), all the tactics of Ramya went in vain. In the original video, PM Modi has said that though he went to school only till high school, he completed his BA and MA degrees by writing external (correspondence) exams.

Watch the video in which PM Modi says he completed his BA and MA degrees:

After getting exposed, actress turned politician tried to play safe by saying “So that’s not the entire clip! Whatsapp”.

But even this gimmick got failed because earlier she had claimed “I searched the video where PM Modi said he studied only till high school with great difficultly”. But in the second tweet she said that she got it through WhatsApp.

So to escape from a lie, Rahul Gandhi’s close aide lied once again!

Hansika Raj