Congress social media head Ramya tried to troll Union Minister Smriti Irani!!! But what happened later was just hilarious

Ramya is gaining prominence in Indian politics as she is contribution her every bit to ruin the image of Congress party. The very handy tool during the election is social media and BJP is using it very effectively. But since the day this actress turned politician Ramya took over Congress party’s social media wing, the reputation of Congress party has further reduced.

Look at the below tweet where Ramya tried to attack on Union Minister Smriti Irani.

Smriti Irani had said that 286 RSS-BJP workers were killed under the CPI (M) rule among which 84 had taken place in Kannur District. But Ramya didn’t feel this as a manner of concern as the persons who lost their lives were from BJP.

When Rahul Gandhi’s car was pelted with stones, the Congress made it a big issue even though there was not even a scratch on his body. But when RSS workers were murdered, the same Congress party didn’t even open its mouth.

“Smriti Irani talking of democracy? Can it get more ironic? BJP doesn’t even believe in the constitution”, these were the insensitive words of Ramya.

This was enough to enrage the people who were fed up by the deaths of BJP-RSS workers. Soon they bashed the hypocrisy of Ramya.

One user trolled Rahul Gandhi, the man who was responsible for the elevation of Ramya as the social media chief after removing the Rohtak MP Deepender Singh Hooda, son of former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda from this post.

Congress ruled India for nearly 70 years and what Indians got in return? This twitterati explains it candidly.

Ramya dared to question Smriti Irani on democracy. But this user posed a question to her which is impossible to answer to her. What was the achievement of the Nehru dynasty?

This man just killed her with his sarcasm. He reminded her of those 21 months when the fundamental rights were suspended.

Banglaore has almost turned into a river and people are using boats to travel from one place to other. But the Congress govt has not showed any positive moves avoid further troubles to the people. But Ramya’s party has not given any asurance to the people. This was questioned a twitterati.

Like Rahul Gandhi, even Ramya is very popular for her blunders. Last year,she had said that Mangalore was a hell and not Pakistan. This had enraged the people of Mangalore and they has protested against this remark by pelting egg on her when she had arrived at Mangalore to attend a function.

“Pakistan is not hell. People there are just like us. They treated us very well” this was her statement of love against a nation that enjoys by killing Indian soldiers. Later on, a sedition case was filed against her by an advocate.

Hansika Raj


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