Congress supporter from Karnataka posts disgusting pictures from a B grade comedy video and depicts it as Yogi Adityanath, but media shamelessly dances to her tunes!

Ever since Yogi Adityanath the Mahant of Gorakhpur Peeth has become the CM of Uttar Pradesh, the media, sickularists, pseudo-seculars, opposition party politicians, all have come together to speak against Yogi Adityanath. The problem is not that they talking against him, the problem is the level they are stooping to.

In trying to defame a Sannyasi, they have reached their nadir. This is their time tested method of defaming all holy people of Sanatan Dharma – that of using morphed pictures of Saints with disrobed women. They tried this with various Saints and holy people in India, and Karnataka State with its Congress Government, has the dubious distinction of engaging in this character assassination the most.

A shameful post of Prabha N Belavangala on Facebook is the latest in this wherein she has posted photo shopped images of Yogi Adityanath apparently about to indulge in sex. There are 3 photos where the male image is blurred & then finally she has put up Yogi ji’s photo and referred to him as being in the photo.

Actually they are screen shots of a comedy video and Yogiji is nowhere in the picture (obviously). But through this woman, a Congress party member, an attempt has been made to vilify a Democratically elected CM, just because the Congress cannot digest its loss.


Is this what is meant by freedom of expression which these presstitutes and Congress people cry aloud about? Is this what is meant by liberal free thought? Is the woman who loaded these pictures worth being called a feminist? And can we even bring the Caste factor into this? Will they be able to handle it? Congress is on its last legs now … time to throw them out of this country!

Moreover what sort of people direct such disgusting comedy shows? What are they trying to imply? Are they trying to tell that all Sanyasis and Yogi’s are sexist? The video and the Youtube channel must be immediately taken down.

How can we tolerate a party which has been constantly hating Hindus for a long time now? They have looted us not just monetarily by also our pride and prestige. We are a country which prides on our Saints and Gurus. Tolerating these insults about our Gurus, Yogis and Sannyasis shows our moral paralysis. Congress has allowed conversions, caste differences, religious differences and immoral acts to penetrate our society in such a way that now we are ashamed to even protest.

Wake up Sanatanis … before these self-serving politicians destroy all our prestige and pride. Wake up and save the pride of our Gurus and Sants. It is not just about politics – it is a question of National pride. When a democratically elected leader is insulted in this fashion, his reputation is smeared with such obnoxious posts, it shows that Democracy itself is the target. Shame on Prabha Belavangala, shame on Congress Party!!!

VandeMataram !!!

Rati Hegde