Congress tried to mock PM Modi’s historic scheme with a video! But here’s how it backfired

In just 10 months after the implementation of note ban, deposits of Rs 1.75 lakh crore was made in the banking system. Not just this, 18 lakh people with suspicious transactions were under the scrutiny of the government agencies. Out of this, 4.5 lakh people had come out in open and confessed their crime of evading tax.

The Income Tax Department had also issued notices to about 100,000 entities and individuals, who deposited huge cash in banks post demonetisation and whose tax returns have been picked for a detailed probe into suspected discrepancies.

In just 10 months, the new tax payers (filing returns) had more than doubled to 56 lakh in the year 2016 this was 22 lakh. And now it has been 1.5 years for the historic “Note Ban” decision of Modi government. But the Congress party has not stopped to mislead the nation.

In a fresh attempt, Congress attacked PM Modi with a video titled

  • The families of more than 100 people who died after Narendra Modi’s note ban have a message for him: Your ‘niyat’ is bad and ‘vikas’ is only for people like Amit Shah

Right from the declaration of “Note Ban”, the Congress party misguided the Indians even though the tax collections had hit a record high. There was even a big crackdown on the shell companies. But how could Congress understand this?

It was sad that 100 people had lost their lives during demonetization but it was wrongful to hold PM Modi responsible. So the Indians ripped apart the Congress party for its baseless allegations.

Congress was reminded how thousands were killed after the death of Indira Gandhi three decades ago!

  • And what about families of 4000 Sikhs killed by Congress in 1984? Around 35000 farmers suicide during UPA rule in 10 years?

Congress party has even got the support of the terrorists! What will the Congress say on this?

Terrorist Hafiz Saeed had said “Now, see the discussions that have taken place in Congress. Congress told BJP that don’t put allegations on Pakistan. You look into your own house first. What are you doing in Kashmir, you have indulged in violence there (unclear) and you can’t solve the issue by just blaming it on Pakistan. So I think there must be good people too”.

Here is the list of historic achievements of Note Ban!

  • Scrutiny of suspected 18 lakh accounts done.
  • Cash deposits worth Rs2.89 lakh crore under investigation
  • Advance data Analytical, Data Tools identified 5.56 lakh new suspect cases.
  • 4,73,003 suspicious transactions detected.
  • Undisclosed income worth Rs.29,213 crore detected and admitted.
  • Black money worth 16,000 did not return post demonetisation.
  • 21% reduction in currency in circulation
  • More than bone crore workers added to EPF, and ESIC system most demonetisation.
  • Bank accounts opened for 50 lakh workers to get their wages directly credited to their accounts.

Spreading false information on PM Modi and his government has been the top propriety of the Congress party nowadays. But it doesn’t say how over a dozen farmers have committed suicide in Karnataka, where the newly formed Congress- JD (S) alliance has just completed one month.

Credits:Rajagopalan K Suryanarayan

Hansika Raj