Congress trolled PM Modi’s ‘Hug Diplomacy’ but it backfired when Indira Gandhi’s photo with Fidel Castro surfaced!

Congress has diversified itself from politics to troll after Rahul Gandhi took charge of the party. From abuses to third class jokes, the Congress is trying to spread its influence in all the fields. After equating Rahul Gandhi with Lord Ram and Lord Krishna, the Congress party has now insulted the diplomacy of PM Modi.

The cyber warriors of the Congress party rolled out a fresh video to target the successful foreign diplomacy of PM Modi. The video is a collage of various videos of PM Modi with global leaders. What was disgusting in the video was that a meet with a foreign leader was compared to a romantic scene in “Titanic” film.

Have a look at the video titled “With Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu visiting India, we look forward to more hugs from PM Modi!”

Why was it a massive self-goal?

Nowadays, with the help of technology, information can be obtained at the fingertip. But Rahul Gandhi’s team before trolling PM Modi’s “diplomacy” with Global leaders, he should have had researched what his ancestors had done.

Have a look at Indira Gandhi’s hug with a foreigner. What do you say about your grandmother’s hug, Mr Rahul Gandhi?

Fidel Castro hugging Indira Gandhi in 1983 in New Delhi (Photo: Congress archives)

Fidel Castro hugging Indira Gandhi in 1983 in New Delhi

  • In March 1983, at the 7th Non-Aligned Movement summit in Delhi, Fidel Castro embraced then-PM Indira Gandhi in a giant bear hug.
  • Fidel gets ready to present Indira with the symbolic gavel. She extends her arm to receive it; he doesn’t give it to her. This happens again. Fidel just keeps smiling mysteriously. Then, before she knows it, Fidel draws the petite Indira towards him and proceeds to embrace her in a giant bear hug. Then he gives her the gavel.

This “Hug Diplomacy” as Rahul Gandhi calls it, took place in front of 140 representatives from various countries. So all the entire world witnessed Indira Gandhi’s diplomacy with Cuban Fidel Castro.

Rahul Gandhi’s Congress insults Indira Gandhi!

The “Hug Diplomacy” was even used at the times of Indira Gandhi but the Congress has portrayed it as a “love affair”. Now, this is an insult done to Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother Indira Gandhi. This is the real condition of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress, which targets each and everything which is related PM Modi.

Fidel Castro with PM Indira Gandhi.

Image result for castro, indira's ,eet was of bear hug

Image result for castro, indira's ,eet was of bear hug

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Image result for castro, indira's ,eet was of bear hug

No one can deny that PM Modi’s “hug diplomacy” has made the world to respect India like never before. This has ensured PM Modi’s victory even in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. So the Congress has decided to attack PM Modi’unique and successful style of diplomacy, in an abusive style.

This shows that Congress doesn’t have any issues to critisize and corner PM Modi. They are questioning what kind of suit is worn by PM Modi, why did he cry why recalling about the ordeals gone through by his mother and so on.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, isn’t this a hug diplomacy?

  • “Hug diplomacy as you mock it has delivered results for India but “Black and White Diplomacy” was a failure, Rahul Gandhi check the history of India’s diplomatic failures during Congress Rule!

  • Now Congress Bloggers may want to see it in Color ….. here you go ……. they completely failed to create any positive Image of India Globally. They have the audacity to use Hug Diplomacy! Shame Shame!

Hansika Raj