Why is Congress so upset and doesn’t want the government to deport Rohingya refugees?!

Ever since the government decided to take stringent action against Rohingya Muslims and deport them back to Myanmar, the Congress has become restless and blaming the government for not helping the refugees.

But the fact of the matter is, Congress is not bothered about Rohingya Muslims, but are more worried about their vote banks. Yes, these Rohingya Muslims are not just any refugees who fled to India to escape death but are part of a big conspiracy planned by the Congress to build their vote banks. Initially it was believed that Rohingya Muslims from Burma (Mynamar) entered India as they were being prescecuted by the Burma government. The refugees fled the country in thousands to parts of Jammu Kashmir, West Bengal and Bihar.

Thousands of Rohingya Muslims were provided refugee status in Jammu Kashmir which turned out to be a huge problem to the locals. As the numbers increased, these people became a threat, as they were found to be involved in various illegal and terror activists.  In Jammu Kashmir, these people are being used by separatists to fight against the Indian army. They are being paid for stone pelting and attacking the army in the name of Azadi.

The recent investigation by the Intelligence Bureau has found clear evidence that Rohigya Muslims were involved in serious crimes and anti social activities. It was found that over 20,000 illegal Rohingya Muslims are residing in the country. But the shocking part is, these people are being brought to India by none other than Congress. The migration did not start from 2-3 years, but has been going on since 2008, when the Congress government was in power. It is not just Rohingya Muslims, but illegal Bangladeshi Muslims are also being brought to India for vote banks.

They are being provided with all facilities by international NGOs and Human rights activists who are mainly targeting India. These people are made to settle in strategic locations in parts of Jammu, West Bengal with an intention to change the demography of the state.

Rohingya Muslims… ‘not refugees’, being brought to India by anti National elements for vote banks!

Burma government has made it very clear that they will not allow the Rohingya Muslims in their country following their illegal activities which is hurting the country. But it is only the Congress which wants to provide shelter to Rohingya Muslims for their political benefits. The Congress along with separatists is helping these people get passports, ration cards and Aadhar cards which has made them reap all benefits from government.

The only reason Congress wants them to be in India is because they can be used for votes to win elections. May be Shashi Tharoor is personally touched as he played huge role in protecting these people in India along with Human rights activists. The government as taken right decision to deport the illegal Rohingya Muslims who have turned out to be a grave threat to National security.

Aishwarya S