Did Congress use dummy candidate to win DUSU students union election in Delhi University?

Looks like the Congress has lost the ability to win any elections on their own. Yesterday, the the Delhi University Students Union election results were announced in which the President and Vice President posts were won by NSUI (Congress student wing) candidates and the post of Secretary and Joint secretary was won by ABVP candidates.

Soon as the results were out, the entire lutyens club in Delhi interpreted that it was a come back for Congress and ABVP has failed to attract students. Surprisingly all the journalists used same words, same dialogue and projected it as National referendum against the BJP.

For curiosity sake, are these people given script by their masters?!

Now, interesting part is how did NSUI and Congress really win the elections! The candidate fielded from ABVP (Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad) for President was Rajat Choudhary. The NSUI candidate for President was Rocky Tuseed. But very surprisingly there was another candidate named Raja Choudhary who was an independent candidate.

Now, take a look at the flyers made by so called independent candidate Raja Choudhary and the association he came from.

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If you think the below picture is of ABVP candidate, you are wrong. This pamphlet belongs to the so called independent candidate RAJA CHOUDARY, who has named his organisation Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad, a similar replica of Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarti Parishad. The name of the candidate also is almost similar to ABVP candidate Rajat Choudhary.

So, one will be able to make out difference only when observed correctly, if not this man RAJA CHOUDHARY will be assumed as ABVP candidate.

This clearly shows a dummy candidate was fielded by those people who could not win the elections on their ability and wanted to split the votes of ABVP candidate.

Now take a look at the results. You can see so called independent candidate Raja Choudhary has got 3000 votes while the ABVP candidate Rajat Choudhary lost by 2000 votes.

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From past 4 years, NSUI had failed to win single elections and were desperate for a win. So they played a small trick which worked well for the Congress and the lutyens media believed Congress is improving its position.

Congress leader, Ajay Makan even went to the extent of saying that Rahul Gandhi’s Berkeley speech was the reason for winning DUSU elections.

Aishwarya S