Congress Vs Grand Alliance! Neither Rahul Gandhi nor a Congress leader will be a PM candidate in 2019, here’s the lady who might be the PM face of the Modi-haters

Congress awaits for more trouble as the BSP Chief gets them more complexities ahead of Lok Sabha elections 2019. Two days after underlining that her party was following the policy of forging alliances with different parties in different states only to remove the BJP from power, BSP chief Mayawati set a “respectable” seat-sharing arrangement as a condition for pre-poll alliance with Congress!!

The BSP Chief has kept forward these conditions in regard of the upcoming assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

In a obvious target to PM Modi and his BJP government at the Centre and in the state, Mayawati also called for an “alliance government” at the Centre and said the country, in the current scenario, needs a ‘majboor’ government instead of a ‘majboot’ government.

“There should be an alliance government at the Centre which is always compelled to work in the interest of the public and the country and the government cannot behave like a dictator.”

“For some Congress leaders who often give different reactions in the media regarding an alliance with the BSP for the assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, the party clarifies to them that the BSP will make an alliance with Congress to contest in these states only when our party is given a respectable number of seats in the alliance,” she said in a statement.

Failing a “respectable” seat-sharing arrangement, Mayawati indicated, the BSP will contest all seats independently. For now, she said, the BSP is preparing to contest all seats in these three states. In an organisational reshuffle last week, she had deputed more senior leaders for supervision of the preparations for the assembly elections.

Mayawati specifying on her condition that her party will contest in alliance with “any party” only when her party will be given a respectable number of seats and is not willing to compromise on these terms at the cost of her party. The BSP Party had entered into an alliance with JD(S) in Karnataka and the INLD in Haryana in the earlier days.

Recent political developments proves that entire opposition has accepted PM Narendra Modi as a supreme leader who can be shaken but certainly not rooted out. Mayawati & Mamata Banerjee are prospective PM candidate & none of them are worth their political salt to counter Narendra Modi.

It is rather surprising that the Leaders of INC India have agreed upon sidelining the Congress President Rahul Gandhi from Prime Ministerial post and have chosen West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee & Chandrababu Naidu for contesting the same in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

INC India is willing to support any party and any leader, if they are able to defeat PM Modi!! Mayawati’s whole political ideology based on caste politics there is no vision for development of India. Mamata Banerjee is another example of appeasement politics. She has destroyed West Bengal with her minority appeasement politics & will do the same for India as well.

How this “Mahagathbandhan” will work? While both SP & BSP wants 60-65 seats each and Congress is also willing to fight maximum numbers as they are Big Brother in Grand Alliance.Now the same situation prevails in every State and Randeep Surajewala claims of Wining 200 Seats!! Now the question arises, in how many constituencies Congress Party will be able to contest its Candidates? Second thing who will decide the distribution of Seats?

Until the previous Elections 2014, Congress Party was Distributor of seats & now the same Grand old party seem to be Begging in Maximum States!! After Rahul Gandhi “Jappi Drama” Grand Alliance Partners are on back foot to openly Support Congress’s Prime Ministerial Candidate. Day by day the picture will be quite interesting & entertaining under the “Mahagathbandhan”.

Source: Zee News


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