Who did Congress want to appease by going against Hindus and hurting their sentiments?!

What has recently prompted Congress party to come out and speak in favour of those who eat beef and disregard Hindu ethos, sentiments, and customs?  Congress which is also known as the grand old party of India and has ruled for vast periods post independence  can’t be expected to take suicidal decisions as it knows  Hindus have strong  aversion for beef parties organised by Congress workers. The Congress party understand the feelings of Hindus who are in majority; Congress also knows the feelings of Hindus in the Cow belt which sends maximum number of representatives to the Lok Sabha.  Yet, Congress high command can be seen standing behind handful of beef eaters and protecting their “foodie” rights over the anti-beef sentiments of the Hindus in the name of inclusiveness, tolerance and idea of India.

It’s the same Congress party which before UP assembly polls had aggressively wooed the Brahmins by propping the name of the former Delhi CM Shiela Dixit as its face for UP. The Congress party projected the name of Shiela to bring approximately 15% caste Hindus–Brahmins closure to the party who were once its strong votaries since the days of Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, but have drifted away from the party in the past three decades.

In the UP polls, Congress party despite shaking hands with Akhilesh ended up getting a drubbing.  The results in UP has led to another round of “Manthan” in the party? Has the opportunist Congress party realised that it’s tried and tested tactics of playing appeasement-caste card will not fetch votes from the Hindus and hence has reverted to its communal agenda to hurt the sentiments of the Hindus by supporting beef politics in left-Maoist dominated campuses and states?

After 2014 debacle and more recently after getting drubbing in the state assembly polls— Goa, Manipur Uttarkhand and particularly in UP  where Congress failed to get Hindu votes even after doing caste politics. The Congress party is desperate to claw back and has sets its eyes on bringing back and consolidate Muslims to its fold. Congress as a party has been trying various subversive manoeuvres to instigate and appease radicalised Muslims across India by mocking and opposing Hindus beliefs and traditions with an eye on Muslim votes. Congress had opposed introduction of Geeta in school books and accused the incumbent govt of saffronising the education.

It had even called the 1st Yoga day celebration as an attempt to saffronise the country and boycotted Yoga celebration on the grounds that it was Modi Sarkar’s function. Every year, days before Yoga day celebrations, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi quietly leaves the country; this time Rahul had left the country to see his Italian Nani!! But has anyone ever seen Congress leadership skipping E-id-Mubarak parties at its offices. Will Congress tell what’s the justification to throw these parties by non-Rozedars? Aren’t these parties to be given and attended by the faithful Rozedars? In a few days from now Congress headquarters will be organising E-id Mubarak parties led by its top leadership.

Congress, recently, can be seen supporting stone pelters in the valley. It’s the same party which has come down heavily on the armed forces for using pellet guns against the terrorists in the Kashmir valley, forgetting that its late PM Rajeev Gandhi made a statement “When a big tree falls, earth shakes— after anti-Sikh riots broke out in Delhi and North India—where Congress was in power and thousands of innocent Sikhs lost their lives.

Desperate Congress leaders, who have seen the fortune of their party sliding in recent polls, have paid visit to the separatists in the valley as private citizens!! What kind of message Congress wanted to convey to the Muslims across India? Congress leader Saifudin Soz holds New Delhi responsible for the problems in the Kashmir and not Rawalpindi. If this was not enough, recently Sandeep Dixit son of Shiela Dixit who was the Brahmin face of Congress party in UP polls has referred Army Chief as “goonda”.

During its second term, Congress had filed an affidavit on the Ram Setu issue in the court and questioned the very existence of Lord Rama.  Was it not an attempt to appease and consolidate the Muslims votes by weakening the case of Hindus before the court on Ram Temple?   Post Ayodhya, Congress has lost the mandate of the Muslims to regional parties in India’s two populous states UP and Bihar which send over 120 parliamentarians to the Lok Sabha and has seen Muslim voters deserting it in other states like West Bengal and Telangana where they have found an alternate to the Congress.

After independence, Congress has ruled this nation for most of the period and it seems the party has taken a conscious decision to win over Muslim voters by targeting Nationalist Hindu organisations. Does that mean the Congress party has embarked on a path to rebuild itself as a party that pursues the variant of Muslim league?  If so, Nation will continue to witness opportunist postures from the grand old party of India as its dynastic leadership doesn’t want to loosen grip over the party because it has no faith in mass politics and is confused what strategy to follow to bring its heir apparent to the throne who has caused  faux on surgical strike or by swiftly reaching JNU where anti-India protests were organised by left-Maoist students’ union(s) or by hurting Hindus sentiments, ethos and customs— supporting beef parties in the name of “staple diet” supported by the pro-secular-Muslim lobby in the Congress party and by terming nationalists who dare to disagree with the dynast Congress Pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu policies as fascists and Modi bhakts.

Manoj Sharma