Congress wanted to close the case against Baba Ram Rahim in the year 2007!!! Ex CBI Officer reveals shocking information

The court has finally given out the verdict that Baba Ram Rahim should be sentenced for 10 years of rigorous imprisonment. Hilarious thing is that everyone is asking the resignation of Haryana CM Khattar.

No one is stressing on the point that the case was filed during Mr Atal Bihari Vajayapee’s tenure and the verdict has come up during PM Modi’s tenure, both during BJP’s rule. But what happened to the case during 10 years of Congress led UPA rule?

Congress wanted to save Baba Ram Rahim???

In the year 2007, the case of Baba Rahim was allotted to M Narayan who later retired as a joint director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He was an expert in handling high profile cases like Babri Masjid clash, Kandahar plane hijacking.

The case was handed over to this officer but with a twist. Yes, the twist is that he was asked to close the case of Baba Ram Rahim. It was not a hidden fact that those were the days when the CBI was used for “political vendetta” by the Congress leaders.

Narayanan revealed that two senior officers pressurised him to close the case. But he didn’t step back and started to be very cautious as even a slightest mistake would end up in his suspension.

“The case had come to me on High Court orders. The FIR had been registered in 2002 but for five years nothing had happened. Then the court ordered the case to be given to someone in CBI who would not be influenced. I told my superior that the investigation will go on, and I would not obey his orders,” Narayanan said.

Ex CBI Officer Narayan said that “We went to his (Dera chief) place in Sirsa. Ram Rahim gave me 30 minutes time. He lives in a cave with all modern facilities. We reached there and grilled him over three hours”.

As soon as Narayanan disobeyed the orders, he started getting calls from top MPs and politicians of Haryana. And let me inform you that Congress was ruling Haryana from the year 2005 to 2014. Now it is getting clear that Congress wanted to save Baba Ram Rahim.

The officer, who rose from an inspector to become a DIG before retiring in 2009 was even threatened by the Dera followers who tried to find his residence in order to threaten his family. Brave officer Narayanan should be credited for today’s verdict as there were every chance that the case would be closed off.

Nishika Ram