Congress wants pact with AIUDF for 2019 Lok Sabha polls, the same group which was alleged of having links with Azad Maidan violence!

Congress president Rahul Gandhi in many of his speeches and tweets had made big claims and projected himself to be very concerned for our soldiers, army and country. But his actions doesn’t seem to match his statements but is rather against it. During Gujarat elections, his party members had made big claims that Rahul Gandhi was a Janeudhari Hindu and followed Hindu customs. But he should remember that it was his same party that called Hindus as extremists, and danger than Islamic terrorists. But the entire country came to know the real intention of Congress and Rahul Gandhi when the fake propaganda against Hindu terror was busted.

But now, his party has gone a step further to prove his fondness for Islamic terror supporters by trying to ally with those people who were mainly responsible for the Azad Maidan violence in the year 2012. Yes, the Congress is now planning to join hands with AIUDF (All India United Democratic Front) which is known for their terror links and anti-National propaganda. AIUDF was founded by Maulana Badruddin Ajmal in October 2005. This organization is based in Assam has been known for its terror links and anti-National activities and inciting violence and riots many times.

In 2012, Mumbai witnessed one of the worst riots in which the Muslim mob went rampage in the city destroying public properties and chanted slogans against India. This violence is said to have erupted as a revenge against the Bodo community is Assam which had protested against Illegal Bangladeshi infiltration. The protests started with the help of Raza Academy, which is an unregistered NGO headed by Mohammed Saeed Noori. They galvanized over 40,000 Muslim mob who turned the situation violent with their provocative speeches. The mob attacked police officers, threatened of burning the entire Mumbai city. They attacked media, OB vans and injured innocent civilians.

The worst part was these goons damaged the Amar Jawan Jyoti which was built in memory of the soldiers of the 1857 war, First Indian Freedom Struggle.

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The investigation revealed that it was an orchestrated violence by the Raza Academy in support of the AIUDF which wanted to create riots in the name of protests. Many organisations in Assam had sought the ban of AIUDF and claimed they had links with Bangladeshi militant groups and sent Muslim youths for training. The All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) had demanded a proper inquiry into the media report and strong action against those found guilty of maintaining links with fundamentalist groups and Bangladeshi migrants. “We demand demolition of activities of all fundamentalist groups, including al Qaida,” an AASU statement said (The Telegraph).

So, Congress now wants to ally with the same AIUDF in Assam for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections (Hindustan Time Report). One can imagine what is the ideology of the Congress if it has to support an organisation like AIUDF which is accused of supporting terrorists. But this alliance has caused major rift in the Congress party as many believe that it will help BJP consolidate a large number of Hindu votes.

Rahul Gandhi who claims to support Army should first answer why is he supporting the same group which destroyed and insulted our soldiers by attacking the Amar Jawan Jyoti?! This development only shows the real face of Congress which can go to any extent to oppose BJP.

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