Congress will never send Rahul Gandhi to United States again!!! Do you know the blunder created by him today?

The mega expose of Rahul Gandhi’s foolishness is never ending. There was lot of buzz about his US trip as the entertainment experts speculated some breath taking foolish sentences from Rahul Gandhi. As expected, Rahul Gandhi hasn’t disappointed his fans.

Rahul Gandhi had landed in US to speak on “India at 70: Reflections on the Path Forward”, where he made another blunder that has put not just Congress party but even the entire nation into shame. Yes, youth icon Rahul Gandhi while answering a question said that the number of seats in the Lower House (Lok Sabha) was 546, not 545.

Wow, the intelligence of Rahul Gandhi is just incredible!!!

It is a known fact that a Legislative House cannot have an even number of seats but even though he was elected thrice for the Lok Sabha, he fails to understand this. Rahul Gandhi is on a two week US visit and much more disastrous statements can be expected from him.

Do you know what a lady from the crowd said to Rahul Gandhi?

ANI also reported that ‘A lady from crowd heckles moderators at Rahul Gandhi prog, “how is this free speech if you are controlling what is being asked?”’

Another speciality of Congress is that they don’t like the questions that are tough to be answered. Financial Express reported that a woman probably asked a question against the liking of Rahul Gandhi, so definitely her question went unanswered. But that brave lady countered the youth icon by saying “How is this free speech, if you are controlling what is being asked?”

Rahul Gandhi insults Ambani and Abhishek Bachchan!!!

The main reason for India’s slow development was mainly due to the dynasty politics. But Rahul Gandhi did a bizarre act of justifying the dynasty politics in the United States. He went on to say that “Even Abhishek Bachchan is a dynast, also Ambani, that’s how entire country is running”.

Ambani has become a top class business man by his business acumen and Abhishek Bachchan has found his footings in Bollywood due to his acting skills. But, Rahul Gandhi insulted these two legends just to justify his dynasty politics.

Rahul Gandhi forgot that he was interacting with students at Berkeley University in California. It was more like a political rally where he went on to blame on PM Modi. Definitely, the students might have had a good time.

The Twitterati had a good day and this is how they appreciated the humour of Rahul Gandhi!!!

Nishika Ram