Congress wiped out from Nagaland and Tripura, BJP makes historic surge in North East!

For 30 years, the North Eastern states have been either ruled by CPM and Congress. But this time the BJP has made a historic surge in the North Eastern states. The 3 states which went to polls in February saw a close contest between the Congress, BJP and CPM.  But the results have shocked and surprised everyone as the BJP has made massive inroads into the North Eastern states demolishing the Congress in Nagaland and Tripura and BJP has set a neck to neck contest in Meghalaya.

According to latest development…..


The NDA is ahead in Nagaland with

BJP+             18

Congress       1

NPF               14




CPM+            28

BJP               31

Congress      0



Congress              20

BJP                         7

NPP                        16

(NDA alliance =  BJP + NPP)

This is not just a wake-up call to Congress, but an indication which shows the country no longer believes in the Gandhi- Nehru family and first family is inching towards a historic wipe out.

Currently, Congress is only active in North Eastern states and Karnataka, but now it looks like the North East states as well have thrown out Congress.

Aishwarya S