Congress’s shocking minority manifesto in Telangana stuns everyone, schemes for Minorities only!

On one hand Rahul Gandhi visits temples to appease Hindus and pose himself as a staunch Hindu devotee. But on the other hand his party makes manifesto giving all benefits and freebies to Muslims only ignoring every other community.

Just weeks back, the Congress minority cell had released a manifesto named Christian Manifesto which sought benefits only to Christian community. They had included bizarre demands seeking protection for Bishops, government salary for pastors, free government land for Churches and Missionaries.

Now the Congress has drafted its manifesto which has given benefits only for Muslims. The promises put forth by Congress shows that to what level they are appeasing Minority community to win votes.

Take a look!

1. Government contracts and special opportunities to Muslims only

2. School only to Muslims kids and 20 Lakh financial assistance to Muslims students

3. Special residential schools to be set up for Muslims students

4.  Hospitals only for Muslims to be established in state

5. Free electricity supply to all Mosques and Churches in Telangana

6. Action against private firms for denying jobs on the basis of religion

7. Urdu district selection panels for recruitment of Muslim teachers only.

This manifesto is nothing but a version of converting the entire state into Muslim rule and suppressing every other people in the state and especially Hindus.

The shocking promise of giving government contracts and special benefits to Muslims is a way to dominate the entire ecosystem with minorities. The Congress is literally threatening the private institution of action if they deny jobs to Muslims. The question is who is Congress to dictate terms and conditions for any private institution?

Implementing such bizarre and ridiculous rules will destroy the private institutions in the state which will put Telangana into major crisis. Why has government promised to give free electricity only to Mosques and Churches?? Do they think that the tax payers money is to be used only for the benefits of Muslims and Christians? The government money is meant for development and not for appeasing a certain community or certain sections of people.

The Congress has promised to provide 20 Lakh financial assistance to Muslim students while neglecting all other students who have been struggling to get scholarships and minimum benefits despite coming from poor family.

Why all benefits are being provided only to Muslims? Is this why the Congress supports Rohingya Muslims, so they can be used as vote banks? Is this why they oppose family planning in Minority community to encourage them to produce more kids and use them for votes? It is no secret that Congress has turned into a minority party which has crossed all limits to appease Muslims.

There is not one developmental agenda which has been put in the manifesto, there is not a line about providing jobs, developing transportation, improving education or curbing corruption. But all one can see is how to appease and appease minorities providing freebies with the hard earned money of pubic.

May be it is time for the public to decide what their tax money should be spent on!

Source: Times Now

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