Conspiracy against Hindus fails yet again! CCTV footage reveals neither the Muslim man’s skullcap was removed, nor his shirt was torn in the Gurugram case

When the entire nation was celebrating the victory of PM Modi in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, a section of media was busy claiming that the minorities, especially the Muslims, are under attack by the supporters of PM Narendra Modi.

This narrative by the anti-BJP media started after a 25-year-old Muslim youth named Mohammed Barakat Alam who claimed that he was attacked and then forced to say “Jai Shri Ram” while on his way home after offering namaz at a mosque in Gurgaon near Delhi.

In his interview to NDTV, the channel that has been caught spreading fake news on several occasions, Mohammed Barakat Alam said “I was returning from namaz when a man came up to me and told me I was not allowed to wear my cap. I refused to remove it but then he hit the back of my head and removed it and started cursing me. Then they asked me to say “Jai Shri Ram”. I said, ‘why should I?’ and then they started hitting me and tearing my kurta”.

But now the investigation has revealed a completely different story. After the incident made noise across the nation, the police verified across 50 CCTV footage and their findings gave a new twist to the case. Yes, the police revealed that even though there was a scuffle between two parties, no one tore his kurta or forced him to remove his skull cap, reported News18.

Within 24 hours after the occurrence of the incident, the police carefully examined the CCTV footage and have said that few anti-social elements are trying to give it a communal angle even though it was clear that the attack took place because the accused had consumed alcohol.

Now it is clear that the Muslim youth lied and gave a communal colour. Unfortunately, the journalists who attacked Modi government during the intolerance debate in 2016 used this fake incident to corner PM Modi, the man who was made victorious by crores and crores of Indian voters.