The conspiracy of Congress that prevented Vande Mataram from becoming the ‘National Anthem’

The song that spread the sparks of Patriotism all over India at the time of Independence struggle was “Vande Mataram”. It had raised the spirit of the freedom fighters to a next level paying all respects to Mother India. Not just the heating blood of the youths but kids, women and the aged everyone had this song humming all over India. May it be Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or any other religion all had an equal respect towards Vande Mataram. Standing beyond all, the Bengalis used to worship this song. It provoked inner soul of Indians and made them realize –all that they had to fight for is “an Independent India”.

Vande Mataram Sujala Sufala Malayaja- Shitalaam Shashya Shyaamala Mataram

These words that instil a sense of patriotism were penned by Bankim Chandra Chatterjee in 1875 as an ode to Mother India. “Vande Mataram” was a part of his novel named Anandamath, which was a Bengali fiction that showed the Sanyasi (Saint) army fighting the British soldiers, which was published in 1882.

Two years after Chatterjee’s death in 1896, Rabindranath Tagore recited the poem for the first time at the Indian National Congress annual convention in Kolkata. But the version sung by Tagore is not what we hear today over the decades leading vocalists like Omkarnath Thakur and Master Krishna Rao recomposed the song using varying tunes, beats and instruments.

Why Vande Mataram lost the race to our National Anthem? Whose conspiracy was it?

The sad part is that Vande Mataram never got that recognition to be the National Anthem. But the Jana Gana Mana – which was written appreciating the British, was given the grade of being the National Anthem.

Who had traited against Vande Mataram and the freedom fighters? Who do you think might have stood against the decision of Vande Mataram being the National Anthem? Who else can it be the apple of Mahatma Gandhi’s eye and the most favorite of the British and the Mughals- Nehru!! The moment he saw the glimpse of Hinduism in the song Vande Mataram, he decided it should not be the National anthem. And this was the thought imposed on Nehru by his beloved Islamic leader Jinnah!!

The song was eventually criticized by some Muslim league members who were backed by their leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the 1930’s. They objected to the fact that certain verses of the song constituted idol worship and that was in conflict with the Islamic beliefs. According to the Muslim beliefs, God is believed to be the only creator and worshipping Mother India could run contrary to Islamic ethics. Obviously, when Jinnah had decided over this, how could Nehru say no to his beloved friend?

And Jinnah along with Nehru had pressurized over Gandhiji to stop this song to be sung in the congress committee. And as expected the Muslim’s ultimate saviour nodded his head to this decision as he could never hurt the feelings of the Muslim community. What a misery? The so-called great sons of Mother India have cheated behind her back. Gandhiji not only decided this himself but also forced the whole nation to adapt his decision, as he was known as the “peace follower”.

In 1940, it was decided that any of the Congress leaders will not sing Vande Mataram in any of the social gathering or any other forum. And this was also announced officially. All this was happening right under the eyes of “Gandhiji” and he kept quiet? Don’t you people think this was ill fortune of the nation, that such leaders lead the country for years together?

As Vande Mataram was causing dispute, the members of the Congress working committee in Kolkata decided to cut short the song to its first two stanzas in 1937. And this was an initiative taken to please the Muslim leaders. But this too failed, as they wanted complete elimination of the song.

According to reports, in an article in The New Times of Lahore, Jinnah stated, “Muslims all over India have refused to accept Vande Mataram or any expurgated edition of the anti-Muslim song as a binding National Anthem”.
Eventually, when India became a republic, Jana Gana Mana -written by Rabindranath Tagore and had no legacy of dispute, was ultimately chosen as the National Anthem.

What happened in the past let us leave it to the past. Never the late, it is a right time now to correct the mistake done by our leaders. The real patriotic Indians should not have a problem with this. And the ones opposing this can move out of India. Mother India may not be ready to bare the weight of Non-Indians residing in India.It must be recited by every little kid in India…