A conspiracy to make India a Christian Nation; Read how “Joshua Project” funded by foreign nations is attacking Hindus

Hinduism is a way of life which rooted the culture in the hearts of Indians through its Vedic Teachings. Hinduism once was a Universal religion all over the globe! Before any of Muhammad, Christ and others, Hinduism was living its glory.

Further, before the invasion of Muslims, Hindus were the strong believers of religion and it’s culture. Every Hindu was following the traditions which religion had made to live peacefully. Later on, invaders tried to sweep Hinduism out of India through their ‘Holy war’, which had taken lives of million people. And, then Christianity did spread its flaws on India soon.

When East India Company arrived in India for Business, ‘conversion’ also began. ‘Business was just an excuse earlier and then it started to rule entire India.

Earlier, Christ missionaries started their ‘conversion’ bullying Hinduism for the ‘poverty of Indians, slavery’. But, when revolutionaries took a charge of opposing conversions, they had to stop unfortunately for few years. But, since India got independence in 1947, Christ missionaries re trying to convert Hindus through Education, Service and on the moral of Humanity.

Once, Lord Macaulay addressed to British parliament on Indian education that “I’ve travelled across the length and breadth of India and I ‘ve not seen one person who is a beggar, thief. Such wealth, such moral values, such calibre, that I do not think we could ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is spiritual and cultural heritage and therefore, I propose that we have to replace the educational system, culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will  lose their self-esteem, their native culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”

And, the new project been introduced!!!                               

Yes! To convert nation to Christianity, a project been presented from High Official Missionaries from abroad. ‘A Joshua Project.”

And, the weakness of Indian People, is their strength is god.

On March 23, 1995, televangelist pat Roberson in his television, “the 700 clubs’ claimed that

I feel that these beautiful people, they are so hungry for god. You know this is the largest democracy in the world, over a billion people, and perhaps this would be considered the most religious country on the earth. But, they’re looking for the god. I believe they’re open to Jesus, and my hope is to see 100 million Indians to come to the Lord Jesus Christ in the next few years.”

And, this made their missionaries led their way into India and that’s how, they’d created ‘Joshua Project.’

Adding to it, back in November 2012, UPA government made an official provision for missionaries activities. In its 18 types of Visas to foreigners, India’s ministry of external affairs offered them a ‘Missionary Visa’ with ‘No objection to return to Indian Endorsements’, even with lot’s of objections from the commentators and concluded that it may go against the core secular value of Indian Constitution, and those commentators labeled as ‘Communal’, by self declared ‘Secularists’.

What is Joshua Project?

It’s claims as a ‘research initiative aiming to bring a light to ethnic groups worldwide, maintains ethnological data to support Christian missions, based in Colorado Springs, USA.

The motto of this project is ‘This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come – Matthew 24:14” aiming to spread Christianity all over the globe.

Focusing on the ethnicity, they maintain a database of countries listed by language about the percentage of Christianity. In 2010, the Joshua projects listed 9803 ethnic groups, further divided into 16,349 people by countries, counting national minorities individually for each 236 countries, of which 6,647 subjected as “Unreached People”.

Further, this project welcomed the churches, educational centres, agencies to take advantage of their database to accelerate the Christianity to “least reached people.’ Developing the progressing scale, which informs about the “Successive Movement”.

It took birth during 1990’s as a part of worldwide conversions by American evangelical groups. It begins with ‘AD2000 and Beyond’ and later, it changed to ‘Joshua project 1 and 2’.

Titling the first step as ‘AD2000’, they aimed to achieve ‘A church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000”, led by a missionary Luis Bush, who presented ‘10/40 window” concept, which includes most of Asian countries and the religions of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism.

In 1990’s, the AD2000 claimed to target North India with the reasons that “It represents 40% of the population of India. Delhi as a capital of India located as Power centre region, having smallest Christianity present and the most deprived are of India.”

According to Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI):

The 300 million DALITS IN India are considered to be less than human through the Hindu caste based system. The Dalit leadership has called the people to reject Hinduism. As Christians, we support this movement. People have their freedom to choose. We are in solidarity with them because this is an issue of justice and of resisting oppression. As God’s people we stand with the equality of Justice, human dignity, identity, and the right to be treated with respect and equality. Therefore, the churches involved.”

And the Impacts:

As soon as they entered India with this project, they started their conversion, preaching Christian values as far. Though, they had no boundaries for their nuisances, they easily got places in order to build their Gospels as well as Centers of education. And the impacts were very strong.

As a part of encouragement, secularists welcomed them into the country, and to the system, justifying that they bring lights to the dark shadows of Hinduism of caste based system. But, they never have seen the impacts of these Projects on Buddhism in Korea.

By the beginnings of 1980, many of the newly converted Christians began to burn and vandalize the Buddhist temples and art. More than 20 temple buildings were destroyed by arson: crosses were smeared on temple wall paintings: Buddha statue were smashed or decapitated.”

“In 1984 February, Red crucifixes are painted on priceless temple wall paintings at Muryasanga temple and Ilsonsa on Samgaksan Mountain outside the Seoul. Dirt is smeared on the paintings ad on a statue of Buddha located outside one of the temples. A large ancient carving of Buddha chiselled into stone damaged with axe- like instruments.”

“In 1995, young fundamentalist Christians began a campaign of aggressive proselytizing on the campus of Dongguk University in Seoul, a Buddist school, handing out an anti-buddhist literature in front of the school’s main Buddha statue.

These evidences are enough for their Evil-minds of spreading Christianity on the basis of ‘People are free to choose.”

Last Drop :                                                                       

It’s unfortunate, but true. Families from the low castes, poverty are all choosing Christianity to solve their problems of Equality. But, they never thought that ‘They gone in vein under the colony of Christianity lies.”

Missionaries targets, people falls. And, how they’re easily achieving their goal of AD 2000.

The writer of ‘American Veda’, Phillips Goldberg revealed that Indian Missionaries get 10,500+ crores per every year as a part of Christianity Movement in India. Along with that, he claimed that ‘Entire Joshua Project is a biggest scam which misleads every generation so far.”

And, the question is, “Does India want to stop these conversions?”

Though Educational Centers, they started their first step on opposing Hindus about “Kumkum, Bangles’ and they forced students to read ‘Holy Bible’ as a part of their Conversion.

In Churches, they welcomed every Hindus to get inside and they started to oppose every Indian festival.

On the basis of Service, they declared themselves as “MOTHER’ and brain washed every human who visited their service centers.

Copying the traditions of India and their Jesus photographed like an ‘Indian God with Jewelries’, and they copied every customs of Holy Religion Hinduism.

Indians, in the name of Modernization, started to follow their inauspicious customs. And, the Joshua Project is still breathing just with the help of secularists, aware-less people of India.

Reference : Those that shall deliver, Preparing for the harvest by VK Shashikumar

Sushmitha Saptharshi