Conspiracy to topple India’s culture: Who is inspiring Indian women to become Sunny Leone?

“Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti hoon!!!”

A short movie directed by Ram Gopal Verma shows the Dark secrets of Feminism well. Might be it’s just a movie of Drama dialogues with an imaginary story. But, it reflects the ‘Ideologies’ of present day’s feminism. Through feminism concept, how these feminist ideologies misleadingyouth to become ‘Cultureless’ as well as ‘Dignity –less’, titling ‘No freedom to Indian women’. Questioning the cultures of Indian society and it’s traditions, so called ‘feminist’ are taking down ‘India’ in international level. The Feminism Ideologies going deep in society, diverting the cultural mind set of Indian.

Actually, Feminism in India is not a part of Modernised world, but the women in Ancient India had also enjoyed the freedom, which should be given to them. Woman in Vedic period, Manu’s period were lived like a ‘Truthful Treasure’ to the Hindu land.

But, now a days there are lot of anti-manu or anti-vedic frenzies harming the ‘Culture’ as well as Indian Society. Feminism ideologies embedded with the ‘Western Lifestyle’ is being a favourite subject to the ‘fake feminists’ now. Unfortunately, they’re partially targeting Hinduism through raising issues on the freedom of women, harming entire Indian Society.

Every Feminist blaming ‘Ancient Scriptures’ of India to fight against present’s situation of India even-though, the situation is far different. Feminism isn’t remained just with Equality issues’, but it’s heading towards westernising the Indian culture.

And the impacts….

These ‘westernised concentrated’ feminism outraging the dignities of Indian Women and her culture. Modernised feminism now teaches the women to see themselves as ‘Victim’ and men as ‘perverts’, where they cannot accept the fact to live with ‘the men’.

The modern feminism in the 21st century is illogical, unnecessary and evil. Because, it is based on the vanilla assumptions that, for lifelong gender socializing and pernicious patriarchy, men and women are on the whole identical.

In India, on the basis of Feminism, film industries started to import ‘porn Stars’ to deny the fact that ‘Exposing or to become a porn star’ is shameful. Like in the movies, they partially spread ‘The wrong assumption’ that ‘Every girl is free to choose. Free to choose her life’, no matter what.

Modern feminism ideologies deny the ‘Matter of loyalty’ to one man, accepts ‘Exposing’ in the name of ‘Worshipping a beauty’.

Whenever they speak in the favour of feminism, they usually blames Ancient Indian Culture and the history facts they no longer able to understands.

Well, If some restrictions has been made to the Indian women, then it’s only regards with the protection of her.

In India, few organisations, fighting for the women’s rights must not deny the facts that once ‘Women of Ancient India were all free’

Cultures of India once taught entire world how to live a peaceful life. After Christ Invaders, India became a part of Western Culture, showing-off the inferiority complex of them-selves. Fake feminism is nothing, but a synonym of ‘FREEDOM TO HAVE A RANDOM SEX’.

Entire Women community is in dilemma now. These Foreigners founded Indian Cultural organizations disturbing the ‘Vision’ of every Indian. Without knowing the values of Hinduism, without the knowledge of Ancient Scriptures, without considering the moral facts of Manu smriti, without analysing the history of India, how one can blindly argue that Indian Cultures have always been against of women?

Some Bollywood celebrities, Porn Stars are all taking a part of ‘Lust-Feminism’ movement, where they could live unrestrainedly?! If creating impression through ‘Exposing’ the body symbolises their ‘feminist Ideology’, then how it’s stands out from ‘Prostitution’? If society has to change the vision of looking at women through their physical appearance, then is this okay to be ‘Nude’?

Saying, “My body, My wish’, symbolises their Feminist Ideology, then these fake feminist are fighting for ‘Libertinism’ or ‘Assault’ cases?

Dangers of Modern Feminism:

Modern feminism as well as Fake feminism never let any women to entrust the men and the family bonding. The ‘Ultimate freedom’ to the women do not allow her to be in one dimension of life. It doesn’t only fights with Equality, but also ‘the wrong assumptions’ about ‘the men’.

And the illusion that ‘Women will not live without a thing like ‘Feminism’, is a biggest tragedy today in 21st century”.

Anti-feminism is the new feminism now!

The movement has deteriorated into a self-defeating entity, whose biggest enemy is neither society, the patriarchy nor any of the other imagined forces it encourages women to cower beneath, but simply feminism itself.

Why only ‘Scriptures of Hinduism’?

Social medias like CulturalMedia targeting the cultures of Hindus, mentioning the ‘Laws of Manusmrithi’ and ‘The Vedas’. But, do they dare to speak against of ‘Islam’, which is grossly anti-women?

Last Drop:

If we review the original Manusmrithi, one can assert the records of much ‘respect and rights to women’. Even, the modernised books of feminism must seek further amendments done in Manu Smriti and in Vedas.

The society that provides respect and dignity to women flourishes with nobility and prosperity. And a society that does not put women on such a high pedestal has no face miseries and failures regardless of how so much noble deeds they perform otherwise – Ch.3.56”

A father, brother, husband or brother-in-law should keep their daughter, sister, wife or sister-in-law happy and pleased through gentle words, respectful behaviour, gifts etc- A family where women remain unhappy due to misdeeds of their men is bound to be destroyed. And a family where women are always happy is bound to prosper forever.A family- where women feel insulted or discriminated against and curse their menfolk– is destroyed in same manner as poison kills all those who eat it.One desiring glory should ensure that he keeps women in the family by giving them respect and pleasing them with good ornaments, dresses, food.”

“Women give birth to next generation. They enlighten the home. They bring fortune and bliss. Hence women are synonymous to Prosperity.”

Woman is the source of all kinds of happiness in all generations – be it from children, or from noble benevolent deeds or through conjugal bliss or through service of elders.

Top of Form

Women should be provided autonomy and leadership in managing the finances, maintaining hygiene, spiritual and religious activities, nutrition and overall management of home.A woman who is kept constrained in a home by noble men (husband, father, son) is still insecure. Thus it is futile to restrict women. Security of women would come only through her capabilities and mind set.”

The concept of parents deciding the groom for their daughter is against Manu. A mature daughter has full rights to choose her husband.”

According to this evidences, ‘Manu had given tons of freedom to ‘The women society’ and though, Feminists are targeting only ‘Hindu Scripts’ in order to make a stand with anti – Hindu media.

When, ‘Western Culture’ began it’s play in India, assaults started to happened. Who should we have to blame? The Laws of Manu which gave the ‘Truthful Life’ or those ‘Modernised Minds from West?

Indian Feminist must know the culture of Ancient India and the Values of Indian women before vandalizing the ‘Original Feminism’ ideology.

Reference – Manu Smrithi

Sushmitha Saptharshi


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