After consuming drugs, Congress leader and Sandalwood actress Ramya abuses PM Modi vulgarly!

The Congress government in Karnataka had made all efforts to halt the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. That’s why they did the background work to shut down Karnataka state on February 4th- the date when PM Modi’s visit to Bangalore was scheduled- using few of the pseudo pro-Kannada organisations.

But Congress had to taste a failure as Prime Minister Modi visited amidst the “Karnataka Bandh” and even his rally was visited by lakhs of supporters. Looking at the enthusiasm of the Karyakarthas, PM Modi said “Your enthusiasm, all the saffron wave, shows that the countdown for the Congress government to leave Karnataka has begun. In Karnataka, Congress is standing at the exit gate”.

Even though Karnataka was not in power, the Modi government had increased the allotment of funds to the Karnataka state. “When Congress was there in the centre, Karnataka was given Rs. 73,000 crore. When BJP came in centre we gave the state Rs. 2 lakh crore. It is an increase of 180%. However, have you seen that money given to the state?”, questioned PM Modi.

What made actress Ramya to consume drugs and abuse PM Modi?

After exposing the Congress government in Karnataka with pure stats, PM Modi said “If you go to any part of the country three crops you will see everywhere, Tomato, Onion and Potato. And that is our TOP priority. And by TOP, I mean Tomato, Onion, Potato”.

As soon as PM Modi presented his root map to develop the life of farm yields with “TOP priority”, Congress leaders Ramya couldn’t bear this progressive decision. Immediately, she made an absolute abusive comment on PM Modi saying, “Is this what happens when you’re on POT?”.

What is POT?

Pot is used to refer to the drugs cannabis and marijuana. Cannabis is the hemp plant when it is used as a drug. Marijuana is a drug which is made from the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, and which can be smoked.

Development was never a TOP priority of Ramya’s Congress, they found it cool to stick on to, perhaps, POT. This abusive remark made on PM Modi was not tolerated by the Indians as they ripped Ramya apart by strongly condemning her words

Actress Ramya consumed Rum and then abused Modi!

BJP leader Shilpa Ganesh tweeted “Ramya has a Rum in her name…looks like she is always drunk when she tweets”.

So leader Shilpa Ganesh has clarified that Ramya tweeted after consuming alcoholic contents.

Or else none would abuse India’s Prime Minister in such a cheap way. It is known to politically aware Indians that Ramya is Congress President’s close aide, so is she acting on Rahul Gandhi’s instructions.

  • Will Rahul Gandhi maintain silence on Divya Spandana’s comment while he sacked Mani Shankar Aiyar just because his jibe came close to Gujarat election and Karnataka is still some months away? Or sacrificing his close aide, responsible for his rise as a leader, takes some courage?

Actress Ramya, will you dare to clarify on why Rahul Gandhi was arrested in USA with drugs?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi was caught by Federal Bureau of Investigation officials for holding USD 1.60 lakh and white powder in the US in 2001. Soon the then Congress president Sonia Gandhi had called up the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It was Vajpayee who rang up then US President George Bush and got Rahul Gandhi released. This was revealed by Dr Subramanian Swamy.

  • Rahul Gandhi was arrested at Boston airport with 160,000 dollars in cash, which he had not declared. He was accompanied by his Colombian girlfriend Veronique Cartelli, a passport holder of Spain, and a daughter of a drug baron. Besides illegal cash, the couple was also carrying white powder.
  • They were detained for nine hours, when the Vajpayee Government told NSA Condoleezza Rice that the issue would affect India-US relations. The US then let Rahul Gandhi go. Though the incident has been recorded, it is personal in nature and cannot be accessed under the US Freedom of Information Law, said Dr Swamy.

Now, is it true that Rahul Gandhi was caught with drugs in USA or is Ramya using derogatory words just to take out the frustrations of her party’s defeat in back to back elections?

Hansika Raj


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