Read how RSS helped the Indian army in the 1962 Indo-China war; today the same RSS is tagged anti-national organization.

RSS is anti national, RSS is spreading saffron terrorism, RSS promotes caste system, RSS is a threat for India’s internal security and many more nonsense statements come out of our Italy led opposition party. But no one talks about the sacrifices made by RSS. Does any Congressmen appreciate RSS for sending its Karyakarthas on any relief work during the time of natural calamities? No, they will never appreciate it. Today let us read about an unknown fact about RSS. If you are an RSS Karyakartha, you will be proud.

Like any true patriotic and nationalist organisation they were on the side of the nation and did whatever was possible in supporting our army. They did not hesitate to donate blood unlike the communist party. Communist party had said its workers not to donate blood to the Indian Army during 1962 Indo-China war.

RSS being a disciplined group served the purpose very meaningfully and a staunch opponent like Nehru was inclined to invite RSS to participate in the R-Day parade of 1963. This is the testimony to the services rendered by RSS during the 1962 war. Now Congress may deny it, but this is the truth.

Our army was not equipped and the war readiness was sacrificed at the altar of Nehru’s internationalist image and his erroneous Hindi Chini bhai bhai theory which emanated from the Panchsheel theory. His emphasis on the NAM too took its toll. Actually he was more worried about the image he had crafted in the world and was so pacifist that he did not even care to arm the army and we suffered a humiliating defeat in this war.

Why RSS was called to participate in the Republic Day Parade?

RSS was invited for parade  on republic day by the then prime minister Nehru in recognition of volunteered work done by RSS during war of 1962. They worked at traffic signals too at that time of crisis. And their help is undisputed by the fact but ignored by successive government from text book.

Police and Paramilitary forces were either deployed on borders or were sent to the areas of where relief camps were established. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh sent its volunteers all over Northeast borders with relief materials.

Watch the video below. In that it is clearly explained how RSS had predicted that there may be a possible attack from China.


Rajat Bhandary**