Controversial religious preacher Zakir Naik says “Won’t come back to India if BJP is in power”

Misleading innocent youths and recruiting them to terrorism was rampant prior to 2014 but after PM Modi came to power, there took place a massive crackdown on terror sympathizers. In one such incident, noted hate preacher Zakir Naik had fled from India fearing arrest. Later on it was even reported that he was seeking Malaysian passport.

Now in an interview with The Week, Zakir Naik had stated that he won’t return to India until BJP is in power. This has trigerred sensation across the nation and people are asking why the man who was spreading hate in the name of religion is scared to come back when BJP is in power. Is it because BJP government doesn’t give room to people who break the secular fabric and peace within the nation?

For the question “If there is a change in government, will you be open to the idea of returning?”controversial Islamic preacher replied “Yes, of course, the chances of returning are much more. Not that tomorrow if there is a change in government I can come the next day. The case against me can proceed. I will cooperate under the condition that I will not be unjustly persecuted. Today, everyone is saying something for their own benefit, including the Congress. Out of the two evils, the Congress is the lesser evil. Not that they are completely honest. If the Congress was completely truthful then Babri masjid wouldn’t have been demolished”.

He added “I don’t consider the BJP to be practising Hindus. I consider the Congress more Hindu than the BJP. Does Modi know Hindu scriptures? Let us have a dialogue. Let’s talk about hindutva. Hindu scriptures say don’t cheat, don’t lie. But why are they lying? I would not like to come back if the BJP is in power”.

Zakir Naik is wanted by National Investigation Agency (NIA) on terror charges and his Peace TV is banned in several countries. He was even charged for money laundering.