Conversion Racket! Hundreds of tribal kids trafficked from Jharkhand and converted in Punjab; activists say thousands of kids are victims of this racket

In a shocking incident, a big racket of conversion has been unearthed where the kids are converted to Christianity by an organisation. It is claimed that the racket of converting young kids had started since 2006 and till date hundreds have been converted.

This massive conversion racket was exposed when the investigation team started to find the missing 34 kids from Jharkhand. The target of the racket were the tribal kids and when the police took into custody the people involved in this, it was found that more than 1000 tribal kids’ names were in the register of the organisation behind this conversion racket. Now the question is, whether the organisation converted hundreds or thousands of kids? And this is not possible without the help of a bigger organisation.

The organisation sent the kids from Jharkhand to Ludhiana where the conversation procedure was carried out. It is also claimed that even though thousands of kid are the victims of this organisation, the local authorities are trying to cover-it up.

The Jharkhand police inspector general (IG) RK Mallik said “We received an intelligence report that children had been illegally trafficked from Jharkhand to Ludhiana in the name of imparting education by one Satyendra Moses who runs Parikam Mary Cross Child Home and they are converting these children to Christianity. A team was sent to investigate. The child home authorities said the 34 children had been sent back to their parents. The team is on its way back with the addresses of the concerned kids. We shall crosscheck if they have been indeed returned”.

Expressing fear over this massive racket, he added “At the child home, the police team came across records from 2006 which showed 300-400 kids had been sent to Ludhiana from Jharkhand apparently for studies. We will have to crosscheck all those names now”.

Shocking: The number of kids trafficked by this conversion racket is more than one’s imagination!

Yes, this claim was made by chief of human rights organisation Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) Vinay Joshi. He said that the number of missing was way more than being conceded by the police.

“The Punjab police recovered a diary containing names of 1,000 more kids and their addresses from that child home, but local authorities are trying to cover it up”. This is what the IG Mallick said.

After the matter was brought to the notice of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), its member Priyanka Kanungo said “After receiving the complaint, we talked to the additional district magistrate of Ludhiana and asked her to ensure that the diary is kept safe. We are now writing to the Ludhiana administration demanding a copy of the diary for further investigation”.

The FIR regarding the missing of 34 kids lodged by Chaibasa’s Child Welfare Committee (CWC) member Jyotsana Tikri at the local Anti-Human Trafficking Thana (AHTU) on August 26 and then the Jharkhand police team was dispatched to Punjab.

In the FIR, Jyotsana Tikri said “Thirty-four kids were abducted and illegally trafficked to the Parikam Mary Cross Child Home located in Phullanwala, Indra Nagar, Pakhueal Road, Ludhiana. They are being converted. The matter of pushing the kids into child-labour also has come to light. The police superintendent of Chaibasa has sent a team under AHTU SHO Banarasi Ram to Ludhiana”.

He further stated in his FIR that “This child home is not registered under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015, which is illegal. The moment the matter came to light, CWCs of Ludhiana and Chaibasa swung into action. But without informing CWC Ludhiana, the home shifted 30 out of 34 kids lodged there. This is a gross violation of the JJ Act-2015”.

Source: My Nation

Hansika Raj