Convince China to back India’s NSG bid or lose MoU on nuclear projects : PM Modi talks tough with Russia!

 One trend that Prime Minister Modi has set in his tenure is to keep the needs and interests of India supreme. Earlier, India would back out of deals or arrangements because it worried the action would anger someone else. Not anymore.

China has been opposing India’s NSG bid for long. The reason they give doesn’t hold any logic. They only oppose India’s entry into the NSG because they feel threatened by India’s rise which undermines their superiority in the region.

But now India is stepping on the accelerator to get itself into the NSG and it believes the route to the membership is via Moscow not Beijing.

India has warned Russia that it will put on hold a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) for developing civil nuclear projects – Kudankulam 5 and 6 reactor units – if Moscow isn’t able to convince Beijing to cease opposing India’s bid for the NSG.

It is being reported that Russia is apparently worried at this development. Russia’s deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin even took the matter up with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in their meeting last week.

Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are to meet in Russia in June first week. Russia is India’s oldest and most reliable partner in the development of its nuclear energy programme, and because of this Russia doesn’t want to come out empty-handed from the summit on this front.

It is being said that India has given Moscow a timeline of 1-2 years to convince China. If Russia is incapable to do so, India will have no option but to go for an indigenous nuclear energy programme.

If India does go for an indigenous nuclear energy programme, then it won’t only affect Russia, it’ll be a blow to France and the United States as well as India collaborates with them in this field. But because France and the United States don’t hold much influence over China, India is pressurizing Russia.

Vinayak Jain