Wet Markets Of China, The Origin Of A Pandemic Corona! How The Food Practices Of A Country Has Affected The Whole World!Here Are The Details!

One pandemic disease has taken a ride over the economic condition worldwide! Known as the busiest street of China,Beijing has now become a grave! Tube trains once jammed with people is now echoing the fear of corona virus.The whole exercise of economic crisis is driving a deep slowdown on malls,shops.Masks,masks,and masks (Mask of fear too) everywhere! To the extent that people are crying out foul over a cough (fear of being killed).

Much to the dismay of this deadly virus creating panic, it would be shocking to know that it started with one person! Like a chain reaction,Wuhan city’s wet market made way for the virus to spread like a wildfire.

What is wet market?

Wet market is a place where caged animals ranging from cat,dog,fish,snake,bat,rat and every other existing species of animal kingdom are slaughtered as and when a consumer demands.In short, a living hell for the animals; this makes people outside china skip their heart beat,sending a pukish feeling.

How did this start?

The horrific start of the deadly covid-19 disease started with a bat containing this virus which was later on transmitted to a pangolin.

This infected pangolin was butchered which automatically allowed the virus to come in contact with human beings.This created a rampant situation worldwide as stated by scientists.

The reason for the massive spread isn’t just the human contact but also due to the infected human touching their eyes,nose,mouth and then touching objects of public places.

The virus then travels all the way to other human body who have come in contact with such infected public places.People who are diagnosed with the corona virus are then quarantined (etymology of the word quarantina meaning 40 days) which isolates them from the unaffected.

With reference to Rohit Chakrateertha’s article, on the first day of 2020, 41 people were infected with corona virus in China out of which 27 people were from Wuhan city. On account of this epidemic spread, China closed more than 20,000 such shops immediately. A similar virus called SARS sent a similar shudder globally in 2003.

Who will forget that it originated in Guangzou,China whose death toll stood at 744 across 29 countries. The virus was hell bent in not only taking people’s lives but also downsizing their economic condition too. In 2013, China yet again had to face the havoc created by H7N9 virus resulting with breaking the backbone of economy.

Just seven years later, Corona virus has emerged letting human beings taste their own medicine for their bad deeds. The aftermath of the corona virus is shown below.

Death toll up to January 21 2020 was just 6 which multiplied to 3112 by 3rd March.By 12th March it surged to 4613.This deadly virus is six times more dangerous than SARS virus.

The virus mentioned above have always been a parasite residing in animals. Due to the unhygienic food culture of China, these viruses pray upon human beings too. During the mutation of genes they have a chance of doubling themselves in a faster speed. This becomes easy for them to spread quickly.

Once virus enters a human body, it tries to find repository in lungs, brain, stomach thus stemming their colonies.This slowly results in reducing our resistance power causing death.

Wet markets have been a root cause for the outbreak of such disastrous diseases. Animals are stacked one upon another without giving them a proper space to discharge fecal matter.The shopkeepers in the wet market slaughter the same uncleaned animals.

With history of the outbreak of similar viruses in the last few years only points out at China.Even after knowing the reason for the outbreak of covid-19 disease why are the world leaders silent on this?

China witnessed drought during 1970’s. More than three and a half crore people died of drought.It lead a huge breakdown on the government to provide food to more than 90 core citizens. Having their custody over land, the communist government was forced to give up these lands in 1987.Multimillionaire companies were invited thereafter.

Due to this outbreak, Chinese had to start trading wild animals which became their primary source of income. This was legalized by the then government. It slowly encouraged the food culture of eating the wild animals ranging from fox,cow, Buffalo, cat,dog and others.

The food habit became so much necessary that they had to import these wild animals(illegally) from different countries which led to the beginning of wet market.

Lion, Tiger, Hippopotamus, Peacock were sold off to the Chinese market through India. The outreach of this trade led to illegalizing wet market by the communist government. All went in vain as they found new ways to continue trade though loopholes in the law.

Efforts are being made by all the countries to provide preventive measures. But the same countries are silent over the illegal activity of the wet market. Unhygienic food habits have now raised the bar for the people to understand the do’s and dont’s of lifestyle. It seems fairer to learn from the past which have shown us that mother nature cannot be taken for granted.

Source: Kannada article by Rohith Chakrateertha, in Hosa Diganta, 14 March 2020


Anagha Mahishi


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