Corruption no longer among top 3 hurdles to doing business in India, reveals U.K. India Business Council

It is a widely accepted fact that no project started off without offering bribes, a few years ago in India. But now a report has claimed that after the advent of PM Modi in Delhi, the corruption has reduced drastically.

The latest edition of the U.K. India Business Council’s Ease of Doing Business report said that since 2015, the corruption has totally reduced in India. The report said “Since the first report was launched, there has been a considerable year-on-year fall in the number of companies that viewed ‘corruption’ as a major barrier – from 34% in 2016 to 25% in 2017, halving since 2015, where it stood at 51%”.

It added “This decline shows a major improvement, indicating that the current government’s efforts to mitigate corruption appear to be delivering tangible and much-desired results. Those identifying ‘corruption’ as a major barrier has declined far more dramatically over the four-year course of this survey among those currently doing business in India (decline of 27% in the last two years) where it is no longer considered a ‘top-three’ barrier compared to those not currently active in India”.

Earlier the honest Indians who wanted to achieve big in the field of business were haunted by corrupt sharks. But after PM Modi came, every government process were made transparent so that no scam takes place. A huge credit goes to Modi government’s digitisation move.

The Digital India push of PM Modi was also praised by the report as it stated “The extent of digitalisation, however, varies markedly across sectors, as does corruption, with those engaging in infrastructure projects still reporting significant issues relating to corruption”.

Source: The Hindu

Hansika Raj