Which country will send back the terrorists with honour who came to attack the nation? See how Congress betrayed India

It was not just death of sixty-eight lives but the dreams of thousands were destroyed. A mother was waiting for her son to return home and wife was waiting for her husband. They all returned but as dead bodies. Victims’ body was torn into pieces and unable to identify.

The 2007 Samjautha Express bombing was a terrorist attack that occurred around midnight on 18 February 2007 on the Samjhauta Express, a twice-weekly train service connecting India and Pakistan. Bombs were set off in two carriages, both filled with passengers, just after train passed Diwana station near the Indian city of Panipat, 80 kilometres north of New Delhi.

For almost a decade, Hindus were shameful because they thought that something called “Hindu (Saffron) terrorism” did exist. All the arrested suspects were Hindus including an Army officer. But the Indians were cheated by the Congress. Congress didn’t organise the blast but helped the real culprits to escape.

How Congress royally treated the Islamic terrorists?

What would any other country have done to the terrorists who killed so many people? Well, no need to specify it. But what did our great Congress party do? They freed the suspects just because they were from a particular religion.

Two men entered the Samjhauta Express and they left 2 suit cases and came out. This is what the first investigating officer said. Ajmal Ali and Usman were the initial suspects.

These Muslim suspects were in India without any proper documents and they were Pakistani residents. Now that itself is an offense. Up on that they were the suspects in a terror attack. These used fake Ids and stayed in several hotels across India using Hindu names. But the first investigating officer said that due to the pressure of the higher officials they were released. Not even a proper investigation was carried on. And it is known fact that how Congress was using all the Government agencies including CBI for its vendetta politics.

Later, Congress decided to target the Hindus who never involved in bomb blasts. It arrested Swami Aseemanand projected that he plotted the entire plan. Gradually Sadhvi Pragya and Lt. Col Purohit were arrested.

Scientists of Congress invented “Saffron Terrrorism”?

Congress always advocated that terrorism doesn’t have any religion but Yoga has a religion. But when innocent Hindus were arrested, the Congress said that these are saffron terrorists. Will this Congress say any word about the Islamic terrorism?

Later, on the orders of Congress, the NIA said that the plan to blast the train was prepared by Swami Aseemanand. Several Hindus who were arrested had to go through polygraph test, brain mapping test. These were tortured so inhumanely that they weren’t able to even stand up on their legs.

International reports suggested that the prime suspects in the bombing were the Islamic groups Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mahammed, both of whom have been blamed for many high-profile bombings in the past.

It is really shameful that just for vote bank politics and minority appeasement, Congress had targeted Hindu saint, patriotic Army officer and several other innocent Hindus.

Source: Satyavijayi

Vikrant Raj