Court allows CBI to examine Christian Michel’s signature and hand writing, will he be subjected to Narco analysis next?!

After Christian Michel was extradited from Dubai, the entire corrupt lobby which was involved in Agusta Westland corruption has been shaken to the core. The CBI which has taken the custody of Michel is investigating the case and the politicians behind the scam.

The corrupt lobby is now worried as he may name of the Dynasty which was involved in getting commission in the Agusta Westland deal. The dairy and the letters seized from Christian Michel had showed many writing where he had mentioned the initials of few Congress politicians and the amount they received. The initials like SG, AP, RG had raised many doubts if they inidcated the top Congress leaders. In order to examine the writings, the CBi had requested the court to allow them to examine his handwriting and signature. The Patiala court has now given permission to the CBI to investigate Michel’s hand writings.

Special CBI Judge Arvind Kumar passed the order after Michel’s counsel said he has no objections to the CBI’s plea and he wanted to prove his client’s innocence.  The CBI has said Michel’s handwriting and signature samples are required to match them with the documents which are already in the possession of the agency.

The counsel said their only concern was that the samples are sent directly to the forensic laboratory for comparison and  not be used for any other purpose.CBI prosecutor took a strong objection to the submission saying hey were raising questions over the integrity of the institution.

CBI had contended that the accused was “not cooperating” in the investigation and was giving “evasive” answers. It had argued that Michel was required to be confronted with some witnesses to unearth the deep rooted conspiracy and identify his accomplices including the IAF officials,

bureaucrats and politicians.

So, if in case it is proved that he is lying about the kickbacks received, he may most likely be subjected to Narco analysis. But the CBI would require a special permission from the court to subject him for narco analysis.
In Narco analysis, there will no chance for him to lie and each and every name involved in the Agusta Westland will have to be named.

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