Court said Hindu girl was forcefully converted to Islam; It’s hilarious how a Muslim organisation linked a Catholic Judge to RSS

There was a time when court’s decision was final. No one dared to question the court not because they feared to it but because they respected the Judges. But today there is a new trend set.

If the verdict is against these people then they will question the credibility of the court and the judges. This was clearly seen when Yakoob Memon was awarded capital punishment. Regularly targeting centre government is common and let us not bother about it. But questioning the court is something to be bothered of.

They stoop so low that they try to attack the religion of the Judge who gave that verdict. This is what happened in Kerala.

Muslim Ekopana Samithi” has done this noble act of not only questioning the Judge’s decision but also linked him to RSS. At the end of this article let us talk of the religion of the Judge and whether he is linked to RSS or not?

What is the issue?

Akhila was from Kottayam, Kerala who wanted to pursue a higher degree in Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BMHS). She took admission in Shivraj Homeopathy Medical College at Salem.

There she had friendship with two sisters named Jaseena and Faseena. From here her life changed. These sisters set a master plan along with their father Aboobacker to completely brainwashed Akhila and made her to embrace Islam. These sisters were actually her roommates in Salem.

So after this conversion plan came to Akhila’s Dad’s notice, he filed a Habeas Corpus with the Kerala High Court in Aug 2016 alleging that his daughter was converted to Islam. He even said that she would be taken out of the country by those who converted her. This was heard by a bench comprising of Justice Surendra Mohan and Justice Abraham Mathew.

Later in Sept 2016, Akhila filed a petition that after impressed by the teaching of Islam through her roommates, she attended a course at Satyasarani and got converted to Islam. She also refused to go with her parents and said that Aboobacker was her guardian. She also said that she wanted to stay in the residence of her will.

She also said that she was earning Rs. 2000/- with a homeopathic practitioner. Adding to it, she said that currently she is staying with a social activist named Sainaba.

On 19th December, 2016 the bench after its initial investigations recommended Akhila to stay with her parents and continue her residential internship to practice medicine. They also said she should decide after her course completion, whether to join Islam or not.

But after 2 days Akhila appeared in the court with an unknown person called Shafin Jahan and claimed that they got married as per Muslim religious rituals. She said that Khazi of Puthoor Juma Masjid in the presence of relatives of both family conducted their marriage.

Who is Shafin Jahan?

The court tried to find who Shafin Jahan is and the truth was shocking.  The court said that Shafin who claims to be a graduate had links with Islamic State (IS). They said that he was employed in the Gulf but currently unemployed as he left the Gulf on an exit Visa. He even had criminal antecedents and is an accused in a criminal case. He is an active member of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) which was formed by the leaders of SIMI.

What court found after further examination?

Court had passed its decision on 19th Dec 2016 and it was shocking that they got married immediately on the same day. This indicates that this marriage was carried out to take Akhila out of court’s reach and make use of legal loopholes. Akhila had changed her name thrice and even Shafin had slightly altered the spellings in his name to Shefin Jahan from Shafin Jahan. They also pointed out the functioning of radical organizations pursuing activities of converting young girls of Hindu religion to Islam on the pretext of love.

Finally the bench declared that this marriage as “NULL and Void”.

It is shocking to know that the bench of Justice headed by CK Abdul Rahim and Justice Shaji P Chaly had dismissed the petition earlier in Jan 2016 when it was filed by KM Ashokan regarding his daughter’s detention at Saibana.

The decision given by the bench stating that the marriage as null and void was enough to Muslim Ekopana Samithi (Muslim Coordination Committee) to disrupt the peace in area. They said that the decision was foul and intended to target Muslims.

It is funny. Now where is the question of Muslims being targeted? Akhila was a Hindu who was brainwashed. It was Akhila’s parents who should have cried.

Samithi  convener  V K Shoukathali said, “The verdict is illogical and unconstitutional. The habeas corpus suit filed in the high court is part of a conspiracy”.

After his what they said was truly an epic statement. They said that RSS is working behind the verdict given by the Judges. These are the ones who systematically converted that young Hindu girl, made her parents to suffer and finally when the court verdict is against them, then blame RSS. Thank god that they didn’t blame PM Modi. It has become a habit to blame Modi or RSS when you are caught red handedly in any crime. Till now a judge was a Judge and nothing else. But today these to Muslim Ekopana Samithi member went ahead and said that it was a Hindu Judge who gave the verdict. Kudos to their research team who found out that the Judge was a Hindu.

So these decided to stage a protest and obtained permission for only 500 protestors but 1500 protestors gathered. As their strength increased, these decided to break the barricades and even attacked the police.

In the end Police had to resort to the use of water cannons to control the violent mob. They even staged a “Hartal” and the city of Cochin was completely shut for a day.

Muslim Ekopana Samithi said that the verdict is biased as the judge is favouring Hindu and he had RSS links. Now look at the below image. It clearly says that the Judge is of Christian in faith.

Communist Party of India (Marxists) jumps out in every part of the nation when there is so called violation of human rights. But why it is silent now? Does it have any link with this rogue organisation which targets Hindu girls and convert them into Islam? Doesn’t Hindus have human rights? Pinarayi Vijayan is busy targeting RSS workers so he is least bothered of the violence against the Hindu community.

When will these learn to respect court’s decision? When will these stop torturing Hindus?


Vikrant Raj