Cow, slaughter, farmers violence, has Congress reached the point of desperation for power?!

We have a saying in Sanskrit, “Vinaash Kaley Vipreet Buddhi”. This means, “When it is time for your destruction, your mind will work in the oddest of manner”. As a Nation we are seeing this saying come true, especially in the last few days. How? Read on …

THE COW SLAUGHTER: Anybody who has any experience of being human will know that animals should be protected & not mindlessly slaughtered. A mute animal in danger runs towards a human being thinking that he/she will protect it. In Bharat we have stories of great people having done this in our Puranas for eg. Raja Shibi, Buddha, etc. But guess what party men of our ‘great’ party – INC did? They slaughtered a helpless cow in broad daylight, took a video of this and circulated it as a symbol of their strength and ability to oppose the Government. If this is not ‘Vipreet Buddhi’, what is? And it just gets worse… Their leader, Rahul Gandhi, sends out a hypocritical message of how he condemns it. Next, PETA, which was in deep pain because of bullock racing festivals like Jallikattu & Kumbala, praised Rahul Gandhi’s condemnation. Huh? How about opposing the cruel, mindless slaughter? Now, for the icing … NDTV pushes this news as one where a Cow is not slaughtered, but first report it as a Buffalo is slaughtered & then change it to an Ox in the report. I guess they forgot that it was basically a living creature which was cruelly slaughtered & people around enjoyed this slaughter & then sold its meat. And then they also forgot that normal people can distinguish between a cow, a buffalo & an ox. Readers, do decide who’s Vinaash Kala is due…

MAJOR GOGOI SAVING LIVES : Major Gogoi in an exemplary act of saving lives without any bloodshed, tied up a stone-pelter to a jeep & drove it through a lane in Kashmir. Because of this action of his, the other stone-pelters stopped their stupid act & let the people pass through safely. But the drama did not end here. Actually it would not be wrong to say that the drama just started here. First all the politicians and separatists in J & K protested this ‘cruel’ act. Then the Main Stream Media jumped into it in a state of total confusion. They were first unsure whether to censure it (given people sentiments) and then whether to censure the Army for it. Then finally they settled on reporting how Mr. Farooq Dar, the person tied to the jeep was a poor, innocent, shawl artisan& tailor who had come so far to the polling booth to cast his vote. The problem with telling lies is that you have to keep telling more lies to cover up for your earlier lies. This is what happened here too. They forgot that he had no voting ink on his finger to show for his voting, that he was a stone pelter himself & that he was fit and fine with no bruise marks absolutely to show that he was beaten up severely by the Army.

If one thought that this story would end here, one would be mistaken. In a desperate attempt to rake things up, one Mr.Partha Chatterjee, reportedly a ‘scholar’, compared Major Gogoi to Gen. Dyer – the butcher of the Jallianwala Bhag incident, and this nonsense is widely publicized by the MSMs. Again, they all seem to forget the basic fact that one was protecting innocent lives and the other was slaughtering innocent lives. Vinaashkaley again …

NDTV RAIDS, CHIDAMBARAM RAIDS :Various departments of the Government of India have been conducting raids on P. Chidambaram (Congress), his son & NDTV from the past few days, to unearth their various scams. Any sensible person would see this as a raid on criminal activity and would support it. But no; in India, any such raid which is carried out on MSMs or on opposition party leaders is a clear indication of the ‘vindictiveness of the Modi Government’. How? God alone knows. It is like the MSM reports where if the perpetrator of the crime is a Hindu and the victim is a Muslim or a Dalit, they bombard the news continuously till everyone becomes senseless; but if the reverse is true, they Shut Up. Of course, here the perpetrator is the Government & the victim is the opposition / MSM. The Crime is Not Important. The ‘caste/religion/political affinity’ of the people involved in it are. Accordingly, the news will be presented & the villains decided & portrayed as such. Vinaash Kala …

INDO-PAK CRICKET MATCH : Now this is a googly. If you support India, you will protest & say that India should not play. But if you really support India, you will say that India should lose. What? Why? See, if you support India, you will oppose the game because Pakistan continuously kills our soldiers on the border & so we should not play with them, make films with them, etc. All okay till here… But if you really support India, pray/curse that India should lose – so that BCCI & Modi Government will learn a lesson and will not allow for such matches in the future. ???? Don’t ask me more. BTW this is the logic of almost all the fence-sitters who do not support Modi & his government completely, but are there just to criticize and be sarcastic of ALL the work done and policies implemented by him. They don’t love the country as much as they hate Modi.

RUN TO THE GROUND ANY RW NEWSLETTERS :Now this is a question of the MSM’s bread and butter. Newsletters like Postcard.news and Satyavijayi, which are more or less, pro-Modi Government are portrayed as ‘Fake News’ sites, to try and prevent people from believing in their news. Big MSM names, ‘naamcheen’ journalists, even Politicians, all are waging war against RW newsletters which are becoming more and more popular by the day. What these idiots do not realize is that today people are just laughing at their anti-RW newsletter propaganda and are showing them the mirror! MSMs which all these years indulged in giving polarized news, faking events (especially riots) and presenting skewed analyses are now in trouble. This new age of explosion of information thanks to the Internet & platforms like Facebook and Twitter, has made people more aware of the true news and these MSMs and crony politicians have no place to hide. People are able to dig up news & sound bytes which are even 10 years old and are shoving it into their faces. So they end up doing the only thing they are experts in – throwing dirt on those exposing them. This is a perfect example of ‘Vinaash Kaley Vipreet Buddhi’ – instead of improving their own standards, they want to pull others down. Shame on them!!!

FARMER’S PROTEST : When people go on protests, why do they ruin infrastructure, buses, beat up people and do such violent things? All this is deplorable, but at the recent farmer’s protest in Maharashtra, the ‘farmers’ did the worst thing ever. They spilt perfectly good milk on the roads and threw fresh farm produce of vegetables on the roads. Could they not have distributed it to orphanages or to homeless people or to the poor in nearby areas in a civilized, humane form of protest? By throwing away food, they have really shown how they do not care about anything – neither humans, nor money. When demonetization was introduced, such traders only cried the most about having lost money. What about the money they have lost now? They could have easily sold these products and used that money to repay the loans of hundreds of farmers of Maharashtra. Reports say that about Rs.100 crore losses have so far occurred. So many poor farmers could have benefited with this money.

THE EXCEPTION THAT PROVES THE RULE : No rule is perfect if there isn’t an exception to it. Bharat is indeed lucky that she has an exception to this rule of ‘Vinaash Kaley Vipreet Buddhi’ too – RAHUL GANDHI. It is so wonderful that Mr. Gandhi has decided to learn the UPANISHADS. He says in public that it is so that he can defeat the RSS and the BJP (vipreetbuddhi) but the fact is that our Upanishads are very powerful & true and have stood the ravages of time very firmly. If only Rahul Gandhi learns them well, he will come face to face with SARVANASHA & UTTISHTHA – complete destruction and rising once more (like a phoenix). He will learn about our Motto – SATYAMEVA JAYATE, about the Self and about how Sanatan Dharm is different from others & why we believe in SARVEBHYAM SUKHINO BHAVANTU. He will also learn about KARMA (work & fate, both). Imagine having 2 political leaders of the 2 National Parties having learnt our Upanishads. Bharat will definitely reach greater heights.

Jai Hind !!!

VandeMataram !!!

Rati Hegde