CPM flags, selfies and the JNU link! Do you know who is behind the protest of 50,000 farmers in Maharashtra?

From a week, the media is high lightening the massive protest of 50000 farmers who travelled a distance of 180 kms to reach to Mumbai from Nashik. We cannot deny the fact that the farmers need special attention with the changing weather condition. The global climatic condition is changing and it has become hard to the Indian farmers who still follow a traditional way of farming.

Irrespective of party, every Indian wished that the demands of the angry farmers would be accepted by the Maharashtra government led by Devendra Fadnavis. But as the six-day long protest march came to an end, the opinion of the public had completely toppled. And the reasons for this was several; few were, the man behind inspiring the farmers to hold a protest and the flags held by the farmers.

JNU behind the protest of 50000 farmers!

Yes, the main person behind the protest of farmers was the former president of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students Union (JNUSU) , Mr Vijoo Krishnan. The 44 year old Vijoo was also a leader of the Students Federation of India (SFI).

Vijoo who hails from Kerala didn’t feel it important to hold a “Long March” in his home state in order to ensure justice to lakhs of farmers who are suffering under the rule of Pinarayi Vijayan. Why was he keen on holding a protest march in a NDA state? Why didn’t he inspire farmers to revolt in Karnataka, which has the highest death rate of farmers?

Now, let us ignore the man behind the protest but why were the farmers holding the flags of CPM?

The farmers should have had held placards relating to their issues but perhaps there was not even a single placard on that. What was even more stunning was that the kind of people who had penetrated the Kisam March.

Yes, have a look at the below picture.

The ladies in the pictures are apparently not farmers. Perhaps these are the farmers of social media, who plant the seed of hate towards a particular government.

The conspiracy against the Modi government was well tackled!!!

There was every plan to hijack and provoke the agitation of the farmers, like how the Indian National Congress had hijacked the “Independence Struggle”. Its obvious that during such a long march, there will be physical injuries but look how few of the elements tried to add fuel to the fire. Few clicked pictures of the farmers (with  cell phone “One Plus”, which is expensive) and posted in on social media. Instead, they could have given food and medical aide to these injured farmers.

But, the ruling government took up the responsibility of treating the agitating farmers with respect. Compare the difference in the below picture.

A stir that was created by the left wing of India!

  • Yes, farmers in certain states are in distress. And yes, Kisan Long March is a politically mobilised farmers’ stir, clear from Left’s red flags. Let us not pretend farmers have no misery, but let us not try to masquerade a politically mobilised rally as a neutral, spontaneous one.

A gimmick of the communists!

  • Don’t be fooled by Kisan Long March as this is the political gimmick of an injured snake who’s just lost a state election and needs to survive. Big money pumped in to fuel unrest. They get publicity but Kisan gets nothing! Why CPI flags? Recognize Urban Naxals giving it coverage.

Source: News18.com

Hansika Raj