CPM Leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan insults Indian Army, stoops to an all time low

The opposition parties in India are rattled by the success of our PM & the Indian army. Nationalism is a good word. This should not act as a reminder to any Indian. Some things can never be taught. Respect for the nation is not limited to history books. Patriotism is not patented. A common feeling that connects everyone to serve the nation is what keeps the nation united. Many of our politicians have insulted the Indian Army.

The political class have stooped to an all time low where they make provocative statements about the Indian Army and get away with it. These people make statements that are embarrassing to even read. At a time when the nation is saluting the army for its supreme sacrifices, netas question the soldier.

Yesterdy there was news about Mani Shankar Aiyyar making a trip to the valley. He was there to meet the Hurriyat leaders and serve ‘tea’. A CPM leader has again embarrassed the nation by insulting the soldiers. Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said that Indian Army will kidnap and rape women. He further added that if the Army was given extreme powers the Army could misuse the powers.

PM Modi has shown immense faith in the Indian Army. The citizens of the nation have slammed anyone and everyone who have questioned the army. When Major Nitin Gogoi is making headlines for his amazing presence of mind, there are shameless people like Kodiyeri Balakrishnan that make an attempt to destroy the spirit of the soldier. Mr Balakrishnan, your soul might have been sold out, but the nation stands with the Indian Army.

Alok Shetty