Crackdown of PM Modi Govt has broken the backbone of scamsters! King of Good times Vijay Mallya decided to quit the horse racing sport and sell all his stock

Crackdown of PM Modi Government on corrupt people has broken the backbone of scamsters. All those “big names” and the “king of times” who have enjoyed the big big benefits under the Congress era, their condition have become so pathetic that some like the brother in law of Congress (Robert Vadra) and his family are suffering from mental stress whereas on the liquor baron like Vijay Mallya are left with no other option than to sell their assets

According to reports, it has come to forefront that one of the leading owners in the horse- racing industry Vijay Mallya, has now decided to quit the sport. The most sought-after owner who raced more than 100 bred-in-the-purple horses in all the premier racing centres apart from selling more than 50 horses produced from his Kunigal Stud Farm each year, has chosen to sell all the stock

A couple of months ago at the auction in Kunigal Stud farm, United Racing and Bloodstock Breeders Limited (URBBL) sold all the 55 horses. In addition, on a directive from the top owner, 70 horses including some of the classic hopefuls were sold at a King’s ransom and efforts are on to sell the remaining 30 in the months ahead.

Blazing Saddles (PF) represented by Niraj Tyagi and Vikas Sachdeva has bought most of the horses owned by the fugitive owner, apart from roping in the best at the Kunigal auction. Saketh Bahuguna, Chief Legal Officer, India Bulls who promotes Blazing Saddles is also keen on inking a deal to acquire the Kunigal Stud farm for their racing and breeding operations.

United Racing and Bloodstock Breeders Limited (URBBL) Managing Director Zeyn Mirza himself admitted that when the Debt Recovery Tribunal (DRT) announced the auction of all Vijay Mallya shares in URBB and circular of income tax department warned people that they would be liable if they chose to buy the auctioned shares failed to generate interest among the buyers.

PM Modi Government has brought these corrupt which earlier used to lead luxurious life under the immense benefits they were receiving from the Congress Era to such a level where they are pleading in front of banks to take 100 % loan for them.

But how much they try to lie down now they have to pay for the scams done by them and looting the country. PM Modi Government is not going to bow in front of them and is going to take every single penny back along with the interest from these fraudsters.

The process for the extradition of Vijay Mallya has already started by PM Modi Government and it has achieved tremendous success in it also with the UK ordering Vijay Mallya’s extradition to India. Now the time is not far when the liquor king will be brought back to India and will not only have to pay the money which he looted from banks but also will make stunning revelations about the deals he locked with the Congress party and will spill the beans on wrongdoings of the party.

The countdown of punishing the corrupts have already started. Turn by turn all the corrupt perpetrators will be behind the bars.

Source : Economic Times