Cricketer Gautam Gambhir wins the heart of millions of Indians once again after he made this statement against Pakistan and Bollywood!

The statement made by star cricketer of India has certainly created uneasiness to several celebrities of India across varies field. Cricketer Gautam Gambhir has once again talked tough against the forces that are breaking India with the help of terrorism. Targeting Pakistan, he said, “Merely boycotting cricketing ties with Pakistan will not help. If a ban is imposed, it should be in all sectors, be it films, music or any other. Nobody from Pakistan should be provided an opportunity to perform in India unless the relations between the two neighbours improve”.

This was a tight slap to the Bollywood celebrities who consider Pakistanis as their darlings. Gambhir intensified his attack on Pakistan and urged the need for the Indian government to take more stringent measures against Pakistan on account of the rising ceasefire violations along the border.

“In the recent past, we have initiated talks with Pakistan on many occasions, but no substantial outcome has been achieved. Every country has its own level of patience and importance. First thing, of course, is to talk; but if that doesn’t work, one has to take strict action. There is no point in politicising the matter”, he added.

Gambhir among the rare Indian cricketers who stood for the nation!

It is apparent that cricketing field have had its own controversies that had hurt the patriotic Indians in the past. When accused of match-fixing scandal, Mohammad Azharuddin gave it a religious angle. This statement had hurt the Indian cricket fans who saw communal colours in his statement. But Gambhir boldly exhibited what are the responsibilities of a cricketer who plays wearing the jersey that bears the name “INDIA”.

This isn’t the first time when Gambhir was vocal against the anti-India forces. In October 2016, he had said “I would not even think of playing cricket with Pakistan. Indian lives are more important than sports”.

He had supported the Indian Army who toils in the borders and said “I absolutely endorse that we should not have any relation or ties with Pakistan until the time this cross border terrorism finishes. People need to put themselves in army’s shoes who have lost their kids, someone have lost their father, son”.

He had also slammed the cricketing and acting fraternity that goes numb against the atrocities carried out by Pakistan against India by saying “We can say this sitting in an AC room that cricket or bollywood should not be compared to politics as long as we don’t think ourselves as Indians, or think for our own countrymen. So I totally endorse that until the time we don’t secure our own Indians, our own countrymen, all other things can be kept aside”.

Such kind of statements are difficult to give. Its infact impossible to give in the India where one might face mass boycott if he/she issues statements that goes against a nexus that wants to break India.

Actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Amir Khan need to learn a lesson or so from this cricketer on how to uphold the national interest even though it might risk one’s profession.

Speaking the truth and defending the nation is the ultimate task of any Indian, isn’t it?

Hansika Raj


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