Cricketer Mohammed Shami met a Pakistani lady to collect the “match fixing” money that was given by an England-based businessman named Mohammad Bhai

Cricketer Mohammed Shami met a Pakistani lady to collect the “match fixing” money that was given by an England-based businessman named Mohammad Bhai. This allegation was made by none other than Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan.

Day by day, the fight between cricketer Mohammed Shami and his wife is getting bigger. A week ago, the world came to know that everything is not fine between the couple, after Shami’s wife Hasin Jahan accused him of cheating and torturing her. She even alleged that Mohammed Shami tried to kill her.

“I’ve done everything he wanted me to do. He has tortured me & hasn’t treated me like his wife. He’s a big flirt. I’m not going to divorce him till my last breath. I’ve all the evidences & will soon drag him to the court”.

These were the words of angry Hasin Jahan but Shami retaliated to her allegations saying “all these news reports about our personal lives are completely false. This is a big conspiracy against us and there is an attempt to malign me and harm my game”.

The UK and Pakistan link to Mohammed Shami! “If he can cheat upon me, he can cheat the country as well”, says Shami’s wife

But now, a big development has taken in the Shami controversy where the BCCI’s anti-corruption unit (ACU) has started its investigation focusing on Mohammed Shami. This action followed after Shami’s wife said that he took money from a Pakistani woman named Alisba on the insistence of Mohammad Bhai.

Shami’s wife intensified his attack on her husband by saying that “If he can cheat upon me, he can cheat the country as well”.

“I have a recording with me where Shami said that he took money. Who is Mohammad Bhai? What does he do? What’s the connection of taking money from Alishba? Why is he giving money to Shami? When BCCI gives him white money via cheque, what kind of money is this?” she added.

Soon after these explosive claims made by Hasin Jahan, the BCCI dropped Shami from their Annual Player Contracts in the new pay structure. But now, the BCCI has taken one more step in this direction after Hasin alleged that Shami was involved in a match-fixing scandal with a help of a Pakistani lady.

In a letter, Chairman of Committee of Administrators (COA) of BCCI, Mr Vinod Rai stated, 

  • This has reference to the various media reports pertaining to allegations against Mohd. Shami. The Committee of Administrators has listened to the audio recording of a telephonic conversation which it is claimed is between Mohd Shami and his wife. The said audio recording is available in public domain.
  • The Committee of Administrators is concerned only with such portion of the said audio recording in which the person who it is claimed is Mohd Shami is heard saying another person by the name of Mohammad Bhai had sent money to Mohd Shami through a Pakistani lady by the name of ‘Alisba’.
  • The Committee of Administrators wishes to emphasize that the investigation be limited to the above issues only and not deal with any of the other allegations against Mohd Shami unless you find that the same fall within the purview of the BCCI Anti-Corruption Code.

Vinod Rai also mentioned that the investigation should cover the below mentioned points!

(i) The identity and antecedents of Mohammad Bhai and Alisba (ii) Whether any money was in fact sent by the said Mohammad Bhai through the said Alisba to Mohd Shami; and (iii) If yes, the purpose for which the said money was received by Mohd Shami.

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Source: http://www.republicworld.com/sports-news/cricket-news/big-development-bcci-begins-probe-into-mohammed-shamis-link-to-mohd-bhai-and-pak-national-alisba


Hansika Raj