Why crime has no religion when sufferers and victims are Hindus?

There is no Religion in Violence. When you take a life in such a manner you are a killer, not a Muslim, not a Hindu or a Minority sect or some protected species. When a molester molests, a rapist or a murderer commits a crime that person doesn’t have any religion-not a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Christian or a Brahmin etc. It’s just a Pedophile and a threat and a danger to children who should be taken off the roads. Is India regressing in the application of the Law? Unless hate crimes are which are directly linked to religious persecution or caste wars and judged as such, there should be no direct implications of direct or indirect implications o0f the victims or the perpetrator’s religious beliefs or his or her bloodiness in the aftermath of the act. What I believe very firmly a crime is a crime -A murder in cold blood by Knife, gun, or stone pelting, hands rape, one group hitting the other or any other instrument is only the murder in the first degree.

Now let me take you all to the Eastern part of India which is very recent one but not reported at all by Media, it’s not that being a Hindu I am discussing this, but Let me give you a clear picture of this incident—

What is the truth behind the recent Dhulagarh riots? Why Can’t Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee curb these atrocities?

I ask a simple question to everyone to ponder upon is that of late Why are Bengali Hindus continuously tortured by Muslims? Now Why can’t great Pseudo Secular the so-called Guardians of Secularism can’t condemn this dastardly Act of third order. Request the Bengali Hindus to raise their voices against these continuous atrocities. I don’t want to see Bengal like other Kashmir, Is Bengal becoming a graveyard for Hindus? Request the readers of all communities to give a thought over these issues too.

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