Crossing all barriers, Nepal organizes International Yoga Day at the hills of Muktinath Temple at 12,500 feet!

The International Yoga Day was a gift to the world by India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi within one year of forming government made sure that Yoga is promoted not just in India but around the world. He described that Yoga was a gift to the mankind by our Indian culture.

For the first time in History, over 177 countries endorsed to celebrate the International Day of Yoga on 21st June every year. This was one of the proudest moment for India. Since then, the entire world joined India in celebrating Yoga day. It became a means of celebrating the unity and peace among every country and made the belief of Vasudaiva Kutumbh Kam come true.

Many countries despite all odds have made sure that the International Yoga Day is celebrated every year with an intention to bring harmony and peace in the world. One such country is Nepal, which is taking Yoga to new heights with its unique approach and effort. Nepal which has no strong government has now become the victim with China’s influence. The China which desperately wants to dominate over all Asian countries sees opportunity in Nepal and wants to keep it under its control. For which it is creating a internal fights, Hindu suppression and pushing left ideology.

With all the hurdles, Nepal is still trying to retain their rich culture and tradition of Hinduism. The Nepalis are celebrating the Yoga Day 2018 in a very unique way galvanizing all the monks on the hill of Muktinath Temple at 12,500 feet.

The reason Muktinath was chosen this time because, Muktinath is considered one of the foremost shrines of Lord Vishnu. It finds mention in Vishnu Puran. The shrine is revered by both Hindus and Buddhist alike. Recently, PM Narendra Modi has himself visited Muktinath during his Nepal visit. It is said that PM Modi spent some time of his formative years in 20s in Muktinath and nearby Damodar Kund for tapasya and dhyan. And Muktinath has a special place in his heart and belief. The shrine is well revered in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Gujarat. Therefore, the embassy of India in Kathmandu organised International Yoga Day on Jun 16 in Muktinath at 12500 feet said the Nepalis.

It is indeed a proud moment that Yoga has become a means of love and friendship between the two countries.

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