Who Was the Most Cruel Muslim Ruler Ever in Human History???

The decision to rename Aurangzeb Road had sharply divided the country’s population. Lib-tards were angered by this change. Let’s take a look at few excerpts from history to understand why Aurangzeb is often referred as the cruelest emperor.

Why is he often referred as evil?

The sixth Mughal emperor was Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan’s sixth child. He was born in Dahod, Gujarat during November 1618.

Out of four sons, Murad Bakhsh, Aurangzeb, Shah Shuja and Dara Shikoh, records suggest that Shah Jahan was close to Dara Shikoh.

Shah Jahan had made it clear that his successor will be Dara Shikoh before falling ill. Then, he remained in Shahjahanabad under care of his favorite son for few months in 1657. On the other hand, Dara’s three brothers started believing in rumors suggesting that Dara was hiding Shah Jahan’s death as a part of his conspiracy against them. Thus, all three of them decided to revolt against their own brother. As part of the plan, Aurangzeb took over Deccan; Murad took over Gujarat, while Shah Shuja took over Bengal.


Shah Jahan immediately moved to Agra after recovering from his illness and tried to help his favorite son again. Dara managed to defeat his brother Shah Shuja, but soon found himself in a problem as Aurangzeb and Murad had formed an alliance to defeat him. Aurangzeb showed his evil side after defeating Dara in Samurgarh battle. He imprisoned his own father as well as brother Murad and got him executed. The evil soul declared himself as emperor in June 1658. During the same year, he publicly executed Dara Shikoh and kept his father locked at Agra Fort.

Evil ruler made life difficult for non-Muslims

Some records would compel you to compare Aurangzeb’s rule with that of the Islamic State’s current rule in Iraq and Syria. It was a terror for non-Muslims. His main targets were Brahmins. Many temples, schools, non-Muslim religious places were destroyed on his instructions. Around 60,000 temples were destroyed by the Muslim ruler and the list also included Somnath temple, Kesava Deo temple, as well as the Kashi Vishwanath temple.  Aurangzeb ordered his Subahdars to construct large mosques after destroying Hindu religious places.


Brutally killed opponents

Libtards often say that almost all the rulers had executed some of their opponents during their rule. Nope, Aurangzeb did not simply execute his opponents, but he BRUTALLY TORTURED them in such a way that death would seem better.



Not just his own brothers, but the Muslim ruler even poisoned and killed his nephew Sulaiman Shikoh. Aurangzeb’s cruelty can be seen in the way Maratha Emperor Sambhaji and 9th Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur were executed by him.

Hindus all over the country were forced to accept Islam and were harassed for not doing so. Thus, Hindus approached Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur to intervene and help. The Sikh Guru urged the Muslim ruler to stop harassing people. Instead of considering his suggestion, libtards’ hero Aurangzeb arrested the Guru and forced him to accept Islam. When he refused to do so, Aurangzeb tortured Guru’s colleagues and beheaded the Guru in public during November 1675.

Perhaps, the way he tortured Kavi Kailash and Chhatrapati Sambhaji to death is something that Rajdeep Sardesai, Karan Thapar, Mitali Saran should have had read before coming out against government’s plan to change the Aurangzeb Road’s name.

Both were taken into custody by Mughal forces after 1687s Wai battle. Their eyes, tongue, and all nails were plucked out. Their skin was peeled. Records suggest that Chhatrapati Sambhaji was beheaded and his body was cut into pieces with metal tiger claws.

Name of any given road is not just its name; it’s a part of the character and identity of its city. It’s a shame that in a democratic and secular country, one of the most important roads of the nation’s capital was named after someone who killed people mercilessly and treated Hindus as second class people.

By: Nitten Gokhaley **



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