With Culture Comes Humility!

One is defined by the values he carries and the attitude he displays. Often one’s upbringing and association shapes the person. They say humility is a trait of the rich and successful. The more successful one is, the humbler he becomes. In that respect, PM Modi is extremely simple, humble and down to earth. Many a times we have seen him display his gentlemanly qualities both inside and outside parliament. One instance that immediately comes to mind is how he came down from the dais to meet a differently abled person during one of his rallies. There are countless such instances. Be it his own colleagues, allies, opposition or the general public; he treats everyone with equal respect. That is the sign of an evolved human being.

Ever since PM has been in the limelight we have seen him show his class and temperament. The contrast in behaviours of Rahul Gandhi and PM Modi will make it amply clear why upbringing and values are important. In one of the sessions of parliament it was seen that Rahul was constantly interrupting Jyotiraditya Scindia while PM Modi sat patiently listening to all including Venkiah Naidu and waited for his turn to speak. PM was widely appreciated by the public when this video went viral a few months ago. This is one reason why he is considered to be a role model by the people.

Another incident, which attests to his down to earth nature, occurred in Andhra Pradesh. He was invited to preside over a function along with the state’s CM Shri. Chandrababu Naidu. However, there was only one seat of honour on the dais. Without any second thought or air of superiority, PM Modi insisted and forced the CM to occupy that special chair. In today’s time when political leaders have fragile egos and love extravaganza, this gesture comes as a breath of fresh air. It is well worth noting here that the TDP is only an ally of BJP and in any case PM ranks above the CM in hierarchy.

More often than not, PM Modi has displayed excellent statesmanship and humility through his behaviour. He is one of those rare politicians who doesn’t care for protocols. In a recent meeting with the President (to wish him on his birthday) the PM is seeing bowing to the former in contrast to what Rahul Gandhi does, despite being years younger to Shri. Mukherjee. It is said that trees that are laden with fruits always bow down in humility and our PM is a living example of this quote.

Latha Iyer

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