What Does the ‘Dharma’ Teach About ‘NITI-SHASTRA’ ???

Ethics is also called Nitisastra in Sanskrit in Ancient texts of Hinduism. Ethics & Virtue are a much debated and…

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The Great Deception…. A Myth of a “Saint”!

I knew Chacha Nehru loved children! Since primary school days!One more such myth that stuck to my memory for long…

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Why The World Needs Indian Civilization : The Vishwa-Mitra, The Vishwa-Guru

Bharat ! A Vishwa Guru ! Survival of the Fittest is BUNKUM as a cornerstone. The western-bred and British stooges…

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Stepping Off the Train of Thoughts and Catching the Flight to Infinity!

Spiritual sojourn “¦. The inner journey is said to be of three stages: 1) Sravana: ‘Hearing’ or listening to ‘Spiritual…

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Why Yogeshwar Dutt is a Yogi in True Sense

No one must have been more upset than Yogeshwar Dutt, when the Men”™s Wrestling Contingent came back from Rio 2016…

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PM Modi Saves Lives Of Reporters; Reminds Us Of An Old Story!

Today there was a news item that Shri Narendra Modi, our Hon. PM saved the lives of many reporters who…

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Attaining Inner Peace…Meditation

As per our scriptures, much before the words come out of our mouth, they are formed as thoughts deep within…

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Are you a true devotee of God ?

When we are devoted to God, many times some questions arise in our minds, such as “Who is a devotee…

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