This cunning actor has said that Hindus are terrorists and are using muscle power!!! Will he provide any proof for this lunatic statement?

The communal actor who is not less cunning than Arvind Kejriwal does it again. At a time when Islamic terrorism has stunned the world with its barbaric terror acts, Kamal Haasan has found terrorists in Hindus.

“Terror has spread into their camp as well. One cannot say there is no Hindu terror anymore”

Yes, this is the bizarre statement given out by the cunning actor who will soon be a politician. Can we award him any of the major international awards for calling Hindus as terrorists?

Kamal Haasan further said that right wing organisations cannot say that there Hindu are not terrorists as there are terrorists even in them. But, this liar named Kamal Haasan doesn’t have guts to condemn the terror attack on Amarnath Yatris in Jammu and Kashmir. Why can’t he attack the religion of those terrorists?

Kamal says ‘Right wing organisations use Muscle Power’!!! Why is he acting like a lunatic?

Kamal further said that Hindu right wing groups were earlier not indulging violence but now, they are using their muscle power and are indulging in violence. But let me ask him, who killed 59 karsevaks in Godhra? Who are killing Hindu workers in Kerala? Can he speak on the atrocities against Hindus in the state of West Bengal?

Mr Haasan, who calls himself as an atheist, has said Kerala is a perfect example where social justice is ensured. He further targeted Hindu outfits and said “Truth alone triumphs has now become strength alone triumphs. This has made people inhuman“. But he cunningly tried out to utter a single word against the inhuman Pinarayi Vijayan and his gang of barbarics.

“If he has such an inclination, he should report it to the authorities. There is no Hindu terrorist organisation. Kamal Haasan is a morally corrupt person, he can do anything at any time; he cannot be taken seriously. The NIA should visit him and ask him if he has any proof”. This is how Dr Subramanian Swamy mocked at the cunning actor cum politician.

This kind of statements filled with pure lies was speculated by the political analysts because recently he had visited Arvind Kejriwal and Pinarayi Vijayan (the man responsible for the killing of RSS and BJP workers).

Hansika Raj